Lucky Star 17

High­light of the episode: Kagami’s very unlucky day. Obvi­ous­ly a Hiira­gi dri­ven episode!

I like it how the ani­ma­tion sud­den­ly got a lit­tle KyoAni-increase, dra­ma unfold­ed, and how Lucky Star sud­den­ly turned into a sit­com dur­ing this whole event.

Also, anoth­er lit­tle some­thing that I can relate to, Kona­ta pur­chas­ing mag­a­zines from the very bot­tom. I can’t pos­si­bly tell you how much I’ve went to buy ani­me DVDs and tak­ing the ones right in front in the shelves, only to find the out­er plas­tic prac­ti­cal­ly falling apart. Which is the rea­son why I try to make it a habit by tak­ing DVDs behind all the oth­er ones, the ones that are touched less by human hands.

Umm, yeah, that’s about all I have to say. Now it’s time for Tsukasa pics!

Oi, stop making me melt!

A present you say? For me?! 😀

Sweet sweet cakes

You say you baked a a cake? For ME?! :3

Tentacle-... Ew. No.

Yes! My food ani­mu is BACK! ^_^

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