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One screen­shot should be enough for this scorch­ing day

Anoth­er series that real­ly stands out to me in the small batch of new ani­me is Mononoke. I have to say it’s one of the only ones that has cap­tured my inter­ests right at the first episode, the oth­ers sort of took time for me to take much more of lik­ing to them — if I did­n’t drop them entire­ly. I real­ly liked the art direc­tion for this one; it real­ly looked tra­di­tion­al­ly hand-drawn and hand-col­ored as opposed to the oth­er new series that make it obvi­ous that the col­ors are com­put­er-gen­er­at­ed. And here’s the impor­tant part: the art direc­tion fits real­ly well with this series because a lot of the scenes look like Kaiga (Japan­ese paint­ings), which fits the time peri­od and set­ting of the sto­ry. Haven’t got­ten into the sec­ond episode yet, so I can’t real­ly make a true com­ment on the sto­ry, but I will say say this: The Drug­gist is one of the most badass mer­chants ever. Plus, I real­ly like the con­cept of a med­i­cine mer­chant slay­ing spir­its under cer­tain cir­cum­stances. It’s all cool. (;

The series is a spin-off to Ayakashi (an ani­me series of three clas­sic Japan­ese hor­ror sto­ries), which I’ve nev­er watched. To make things clear — No, you don’t need to watch Ayakashi either to under­stand this series. The only char­ac­ter from that series that has a role in Mononoke is the Drug­gist, so it’s pret­ty much its own sto­ry. Just a lit­tle note there. (:

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  1. You don’t need to see the Bak­eneko arc in Ayakashi, true, but it helps in under­stand­ing what those lit­tle odd tools mean. Geneon is releas­ing the Bak­eneko DVD in Sep­tem­ber under the name “Gob­lin Cat,” and I high­ly, high­ly sug­gest that you buy it. Assum­ing that [i]The Girl Who Leapt Through Time[/i] isn’t released by the end of 2007, those three episodes are eas­i­ly the best ani­me being put out in North Amer­i­ca (yes, I’d say even bet­ter than [i]Mushi-shi[/i]).

    The art direc­tion and cin­e­matog­ra­phy in [i]Mononoke[/i] is amaz­ing­ly high qual­i­ty, I’d say up there with [i]Shigurui[/i] for best of the year, even more­so because [i]Mononoke[/i] isn’t as alien­at­ing and is bet­ter for it. The ani­ma­tion is great when it hap­pens, but I’m far more impressed with the cam­era work — the way it flies around to gain its dra­mat­ic ten­sion to abrupt­ly come to a screech­ing halt is some­thing that I’ve not seen in any ani­me PERIOD, let alone ani­me series.

    The first episode is some­what scary, though where it is lack­ing in the sec­ond episode it is more than made up for in dis­turb­ing the view­ers. The rev­e­la­tion of what the room is and wit­ness­ing an exam­ple of its use is sim­ply chilling.

    And yeah, the drug­gist is one of the coolest ani­me char­ac­ters out there. Did you find the “guru, guru, guru” response as amus­ing as I did?

  2. @Hel­lKo­rn: Yeah. Had a grin on my face as they were say­ing that. 😛
    Guru, guru, guru, guru
    Guru, guru, guru, guru?”
    Eh, I’ll fix the tags in your com­ment lat­er. I find it amusing. 🙁

  3. Actu­al­ly Ayakashi has some things in it to help you under­stand Mononoke, it even has some char­ac­ters that re-appear with­in Mononoke. I also think Ayakashi (the true first episode to Mononoke) Has the best sto­ry. I high­ly rec­om­mend you watch it before con­tin­u­ing to watch the anime. ^.^

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