School Days — How you *shouldn’t* have relationships.

Here, we have a chron­i­cle of how I came to hate Mako­to, the lead char­ac­ter of School Days and the worst “pro­tag­o­nist” EVER.

Episode 1:
Here, we have a typ­i­cal guy who is too much of a wuss to approach the girl he claims to like. We’ve all been there and done that, right? He’s actu­al­ly bear­able in this episode. Heck, I found myself relat­ing to him in the first episode — at first I thought we were real sim­i­lar. No hat­ing yet.

Episode 2 :
So he makes a few mis­takes here and there. Noth­ing to real­ly hate about him, it would’ve giv­en you the impres­sion that he was just an idiot like a lot of peo­ple at the start of a rela­tion­ship, not acknowl­edg­ing the feel­ings of the per­son he claims to like. He’ll learn from his mis­takes, right? WRONG. How­ev­er, noth­ing to real­ly hate about him in this episode either.

Episode 3:
What do we have here? At the end of the episode, Mako­to says that “Hav­ing Kotono­ha be my girl­friend… is start­ing to bore me”. What the f*ck? Total­ly came out of nowhere. They both had a good time at her house, play­ing with her lit­tle sis­ter and even start­ed to, you know, BUILD their rela­tion­ship by refer­ring to each oth­er by their first names. Kat­sura even gave him a cute peck on the cheek at the end of their date! So how the f*ck would the rela­tion­ship be tir­ing? Does he KNOW how hard it is to find a girl like that in this world? Very easy actu­al­ly, when you actu­al­ly give girls the respect they deserve and don’t think with your penis; not act­ing like a wh*re.

Episode 4–6:
So, here’s the start of how it is revealed to the world that Mako­to cares noth­ing about an actu­al rela­tion­ship, but cares more about full fill­ing his own sex­u­al grat­i­fi­ca­tion. Here’s the start of the fre­quent cam­era pans toward the char­ac­ters’ breasts, which obvi­ous­ly rep­re­sents where the mindf*ck Mako­to has his eyes on.

I don’t know why these girls have SUCH an inter­est in him. One minute, he’s stalk­ing and obsess­ing over Kat­sura, they get togeth­er and he has a won­der­ful girl who begins to love him very much — the next minute he’s hav­ing under­age sex with the girl who he had no inter­est in ini­tial­ly and does­n’t even care about Kat­sura’s feel­ings any­more. The only rea­son he’s get­ting it on with Sekai is because she lets him vio­late her body to his hearts con­tent. Horny bas­tard. He’s not lik­able at the least — he does­n’t even TRY to break up with Kat­sura after he start­ed this bull­shit. To think that Kat­sura was going to knit a Christ­mas Gift for him. Mer­ry Christ­mas, loser.

I’m not all that fond of Sekai any­more either (I know, she’s cute, but…) — of course it isn’t entire­ly her fault, but why hook some­one up in a rela­tion­ship that you’re going to end up ruin­ing PURPOSELY any­way? “Spe­cial train­ing”? @$%@%132131. If that isn’t on pur­pose, then this ani­me is filled with idiots (which, when you think about it, isn’t all that crazy). Nice to see that she actu­al­ly feels guilty about this whole thing though, unlike Makoto.

This isn’t to say I won’t give Kat­sura a hard time either, she made the biggest mis­take ever by lik­ing the guy in the first place (same goes for Sekai and Otome), deny­ing any­thing sus­pi­cious when she saw Mako­to and Sekai briefly at the train station.

At this point, I’m hop­ing for a bad end­ing. With either Kat­sura shank­ing Mako­to (instead of Sekai), Kat­sura push­ing Mako­to off a build­ing (instead of her com­mit­ting sui­cide), etc. Any bad end­ing that does­n’t give Mako­to a good one. Or bet­ter — Mako­to LIVING in sad­ness with NEITHER of them. Every­one wins. 😀

To put it straight, this ani­me does­n’t even feel like a ROMANCE any­more. The cam­era con­stant­ly pan­ning in and out of the char­ac­ters’ breasts and their down­stairs area just screams that there isn’t any real “love”. No Mako­to, you don’t ‘love” Kotono­ha or Sekai you mis­guid­ed fool. All you want to do is shove your **** up their ******* and have them scream “もう 止めて!! いや!!”. Stick to fap­ping off to your pornography.

Wow. I’ve nev­er hat­ed an ani­me char­ac­ter like this before. And I mean it, I’ve nev­er felt like jump­ing into a show and punch­ing out a char­ac­ter this bad­ly before. Prob­a­bly has some­thing to do with a jerk being the cen­ter of a ROMANCE anime.

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  1. @53RG10: A lot of peo­ple hate him actu­al­ly. 😛 And I hon­est­ly can’t blame them.

  2. I like your jus­ti­fi­ca­tion for the fanser­vice, it actu­al­ly makes sense. XD

    Some­times I think that the ani­ma­tors are try­ing to make us hate Mako­to, to be hon­est. Like you said, in episodes 1 + 2 he sort of had promise, but then he start­ed going down­hill, off a cliff, and smash­ing through rock bot­tom. He had plen­ty of chances to redeem him­self still, to be hon­est — even just off­i­cal­ly break­ing up with Kat­sura might have earned him some points — and he still has­n’t picked up on any of them, and prob­a­bly won’t until it’s too late (hint: now).

    On the last point on OMG HERESY of a jerk being the cen­ter of a romance anime…would you rather have Spine­less Nice Guy #5,968? It’s def­i­nite­ly an inter­est­ing approach to mak­ing a romance ani­me in hav­ing a bunch of messed-up char­ac­ters instead of the typ­i­cal fare of “any­thing you can be, I can be nicer”.

    I’d still like to see some­how a Mako­to 2.0 that does­n’t suck (with­out deux ex’ing it like Aono at the end of sola. Dis­re­gard fact you haven’t seen sola.), but at this point a BAD END might just be more realistic.

  3. Ooo, this is a nice tab­u­lar of Mako­to’s stupidity. 😉

    And just like how some char­ac­ters grow on you to love, we just grew to hate Mako­to. xD And I agree about Sekai. I liked her way more before. I real­ly do like her per­son­al­i­ty more than Kotono­ha, but she’s more in the wrong here. But Mako­to deserves nei­ther of them. :[

  4. In some ways this show is almost like a moral­is­tic object les­son in how lust destroys relationships…and in this case both Mako­to and Sekai share some blame. But most­ly Mako­to. He’s been revealed to be quite the heart­less heart­break­er in the recent episodes, and my ini­tial sympathy/empathy for him has evap­o­rat­ed. Sekai still has a ves­tige of a con­science at least, which makes her more sympathetic.

    The pro­tag­o­nist need not be lik­able for a good sto­ry to happen–it’s enough to be believ­able. Sto­ries like this work best when we can rec­og­nize our own worst ten­den­cies in these char­ac­ters and trem­ble, know­ing this is the log­i­cal end of our own dark feel­ings. Mako­to is, real­ly, the clas­sic cad–a type we nor­mal­ly don’t see in romance ani­me as a lead char­ac­ter. His only hope is that he is still young and the inevitable crash that is com­ing will wake him up the hard way. Some peo­ple don’t learn otherwise.

  5. @CCYoshi: Point tak­en. xD Him being a jerk sort of makes me want to stick around for the pos­si­bil­i­ty of a bad ending.

    If the cre­ators of School Days pur­pose­ly made him a hate-able char­ac­ter, then they’re doing a good job of it.

    btw, I actu­al­ly HAVE seen sola, just the first 4 episodes. ^^;;
    @Mike: Yeah, seems the show is going in that direc­tion for its moral sym­bol­ism. The sto­ry’s get­ting inter­est­ing even though I don’t like Mako­to, and I’d like to see what would hap­pen to a male pro­tag­o­nist of his nature in a romance anime.
    @Mintie: Even though I did­n’t want it to hap­pen, I guess deep in my head I saw his stu­pid­i­ty and self­ish­ness com­ing. ^^;; I still hold SOME respect for Sekai as a char­ac­ter because she real­ly did­n’t want to do it, even though she did… did­n’t. Blah.

  6. Mako­to is the rea­son I’m not watch­ing School Days…I’d been spoiled in advance that he was an a$$hat, and there’s noth­ing that wrecks a good ani­me series like an unlike­able male lead. It makes the rest of the cast unlike­able by exten­sion, because you have to won­der how they can be so stu­pid to like him.

  7. @sug­u­ru: Nice log­ic there! 😛 lol But I feel much more sor­ry for them than not lik­ing them, but it’s sim­i­lar I guess since, well, in the end you just point and say:

    Wow. What a depress­ing cast.

  8. @zeni­cal: I would, but then they would be stuck in my com­put­er due to my lazi­ness to delete no-longer-need­ed files. And I real­ly don’t want pic­tures of Mako­to read­ing porn, err… get­ting laid, etc… on my hardrive. >(

    Plus, Mako­to does­n’t deserve to be giv­en the screen­shot treat­ment. D;

  9. Lol, good points. I’m glad I’m not the only one who wants to blog out loud about Mako­to’s idio­cy. We all hate the guy for the dumb s#1t he does and want to kick his a$$ for doing it.

  10. Wow, that was a great, hilar­i­ous read! A lot of peo­ple are blog­ging about this show and how much they hate Mako­to. After all this, I don’t plan on watch­ing the series. BUT, I will con­tin­ue to read every­one’s rants because they are extreme­ly entertaining.

  11. Haha, now I’m POSITIVE that I hate Makoto…geez, he’s such a jerk, and all he wants is to shove his…meh, some­one made a com­ment on this anyway…

    Why did they even turn School Days into an ani­me? Is it for the sake of fanser­vice? Or maybe the BAD ENDINGS that hap­pened in the game? 😀

  12. @zenical Yeah, LOL. I’ve nev­er dis­liked an ani­me char­ac­ter as much as I dis­like him now! And just like what BrikHaus said, all those oth­er ani­me blogs just keep say­ing the same things about Mako­to over and over again…
    BTW, has any­one seen the bad end­ings from the game?

  13. @ vanaril143zeon: I SAW IT. LOL. I won’t spoil it for you. go youtube and type school days end­ing. you’ll get all of them. lol. Lets all join in the war against Mako­to. Man. I just hoped he does­nt like have sex with Otome too -.-

  14. Out of curios­i­ty, have you heard Mako­to’s voice dur­ing his ero scenes in the eroge?

    LOL. He sounds like a fag­got with his high pitched whin­ing voice, no less.

    As for the anime…the saw can solve any­thing. Let’s see Kotono­ha whip it out and go School Days Saw Massacre!

  15. @Hemi­sphere: I guess he would’ve been bet­ter off as a “hardgay” character? 😛

  16. I’m hop­ing for the stab­bing end out of all the end­ings. So then nei­ther girl dies and Mako­to still gets what he deserves. Well, Sekai might get arrest­ed or some­thing, but…

    The only thing keep­ing me from think­ing that all Mako­to thinks about a sex is the fact that in episode 5, I think, he keeps replay­ing Sekai’s smile in his head. … But I still think he main­ly only wants sex with her.

  17. @bwkamisama: LOL! Yuu­gi goes midev­il on Mako­to. DRAW! MONSUTAA KADO! *Mul­ti­ple stab­bings* “I’m the wife” … NOOOOOO! MONSTER REBORN! *revives Kotono­ha and kills Mako­to* xD
    @emmyrice­ball: The stab­bing end­ing’s good too — but the way Kotono­ha’s sort of going psy­cho in episode 7 makes me think the ani­me’s lean­ing towards the sui­cide or shank­ing. As for the replay­ing smile in his head, I think that’s just him try­ing to make him­self THINK that he “loves” Sekai. After­all, that only hap­pened after Sekai let him feel her up.

  18. @ xxmiko­ton­akadaixx
    Shh~ I’ve just been telling myself that so I can believe that there’s some hope for him to redeem him­self slight­ly, maybe. But I don’t real­ly think he will. A Kotono­ha bad end would be okay, too. Sekai’s bad end is still the best if you ask me.

  19. @zeni­cal Heh heh…I total­ly saw the end­ings. I even down­loaded them for the heck of it all…just in case some of my friends want to see it.

    Darn peo­ple, gang­ing up on Kotono­ha in episode 7! How could they be so cru­el when she only asked that guy to help her coz her job’s hard by her­self?! Her class­mates pick on her, Mako­to’s class­mates pick on her, I real­ly feel sor­ry for Kotono­ha! I hope the end­ing isn’t the sui­cide (although the sui­cide real­ly left an impact on me after I watched it O_o)

    Darn, I hope Sekai kills Mako­to in the end. The Kotono­ha-goes-crazy-with-a-saw end­ing is okay, too, but dang, it’s twisted…O_o

  20. @emmyrice­ball: Yeah, I some­what hope Mako­to would redeem him­self too, even though that’s not pos­si­ble (unless they pull a DEM)… (But, but… there’s still hope! xP) Yeah, the Sekai end­ing is good since Mako­to got what he deserved.
    @vanaril143zeon: Yeah, her class­mates are jerks. D=

  21. Every­thing you said here is so freak­ing true.
    When I’m watch­ing School Days with my boyfriend, I turn around every freak­ing episode and say the same exact stuff, I swear to god.

  22. Pleaaaseee!!! You must tell us what did you said when you fin­ished the last episode!!! I laughed to every­thing that you said here…BECAUSE ITS THE SAME THING THAT I FEEL!!! (well…i only dis­agree in the Sekai part…i know she messed up…and she MESSED UP REAL GOOD…but…she real­ly liked that son of a b****…and he just got the best of the situation…HE WAS THE GUILTY OF SHE MESSING UP…well…thats what i think…XD) Any­way, Mako­to Itou is a $%&%·$% and he is in hell now…i dont know…maybe hes f***ing the dev­il! X3!

  23. I agree for most, but no, for some parts, I do not. The rea­son so many girls like him is that he is, actu­al­ly, a decent per­son. And he con­tin­ues to be, in my view, until he starts mess­ing with Sekai. He obvi­ous­ly loves her more, but does not feel much guilt, he’s too caught up. He wants to keep the two rela­tion­ships seper­ate, sim­ply to perserve Kotono­ha and him­self. How­ev­er, we see that in Episode 9, when Otome push­es her­self onto him. Here we see a phe­nomonon known as the ‘Tri­umph of the Phal­lus’ Where a man, empow­ered by his sex­u­al prowress, los­es his ‘self’ in exchange for a more egos­tis­ti­cal personality. 

    This is what I per­fer about the game. In most of the end­ings, Mako­to had a chance to redeem him­self, and he did, com­mit­ing him­self to a sin­gle paramore. How­ev­er, in the ani­me, he did not have that opper­tu­ni­ty, instead rejoin­ing with Kotono­ha in a state of con­fu­sion, which ulti­mate­ly led to his demise.

  24. I liked Mako­to in the begin­ning & then he just became a whore. I hate Sekai for run­ing his rela­tion­ship with Kat­sura. He just thinks with his **** as you said pre­vi­ous­ly. Still I liked it because the sto­ry grabbed me but if it was­n’t for that the Ani­me would have com­plete­ly sucked for me.

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