Mononoke 02

This episode turned out to live up to the series being a hor­ror ani­me. It was defi­nate­ly creepy — spir­its of abort­ed babies, the his­to­ry of the inn, not to men­tion the impied sex vision (o_O). This is where it starts to get some excite­ment, rather than “inter­est­ing enough to stick around”.

Def­i­nite­ly the most “rec­om­mend­ed” ani­me out of the sum­mer bunch.

… Yes, this was a rushed post.

2 thoughts on “Mononoke 02

  1. Not as won­der­ful as the mas­ter­piece known as the Bak­eneko arc in Ayakashi, but still an amaz­ing­ly excel­lent arc. It’s rather inter­est­ing how they man­aged to turn the mean­ing of zashi­ki-warashi upside down.

    I also would­n’t describe it as being scary, per se, but it’s def­i­nite­ly the most sus­pense­ful ani­me series out right now. While it could prob­a­bly sur­vive sole­ly based on its tech­ni­cal mer­its alone (fuck­ing bril­liant sound, art, and over­all direc­tion), it tells sub­tle, gen­uine­ly human sto­ries that don’t crap around with ridicu­lous melo­dra­ma like most ani­me do when attempt­ing to gar­ner an emo­tion­al response out of its audience.

    I will cry tears of blood if Mononoke isn’t licensed.

  2. @Hel­lKo­rn: Agreed.
    But I think the only ani­me right now that has sur­passed Mononoke in sus­pense is Shig­u­rui, but that’s only due to its slow pacing.
    Most of the oth­ers aren’t inter­est­ing enough to actu­al­ly blog episode-by-episode, blah. While I see Mononoke as a fan­tas­tic piece of *art*, I don’t see it as a mas­ter­piece, but com­pared to oth­er new ani­me borught to us — it IS a mas­ter­piece. Fall sea­son seems to be bet­ter in terms of enter­tain­ment (for me, at least). Shame that Mononoke seems to be under­rat­ed right now — I see lit­tle dis­cus­sion of it, if not at all. o_O
    I real­ly need to see Ayakashi. 😛

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