Lucky Star 18

Now THAT'S cute

Now that's even cuter. :P

To quote what a tal­ent­ed fel­low artist told me: Tsukasa is obe­di­ent like a dog, but her sis­ter is lone­ly like a bunny!

What is moe? Says Tsukasa. :3

Kona-chan, what does “moé” mean?

Does it not make you melt when you know who’s ask­ing this par­tic­u­lar question?

Any­way, I agree Kona­ta. Any­one who knows the “true” mean­ing of “moé” is like­ly to be an otaku or the human con­fus­ing-Japan­ese-words almanac (which brings forth anoth­er ques­tion: Do almanacs real­ly car­ry that kind of information?).


I was sort of amused when Kona­ta said that boys have no shame going into the rain because they don’t have to wor­ry about their shirts get­ting trans­par­ent and hav­ing their bras show. While I agree that is such a pre­cise rea­son­ing, I always fig­ured that when­ev­er we for­got our umbrel­las, we either:

1) Refuse to wait and share an umbrel­la just because we did­n’t bring one.
2) Refuse to share an umbrel­la with a female to avoid misunderstandings.
3) Refuse to share an umbrel­la with a guy because it’ll give peo­ple the impres­sion that we’re pair­ing up.
4) We just don’t care about get­ting wet?

If you watched this scene and the words “SUPER ROBOT WARS DS” popped into your head, then con­grat­u­la­tions. You’re a hard­core gamer. And an ani­me fan. A hard­core gamer and ani­me fan… Get some fresh air, man! (; Kid­ding, kidding.

Oi... You shouldn't look at your friends like that!

Oth­er than Kona­ta and Pat­ty, we get anoth­er otaku (this time, a dojin artist): Hiy­ori. Unlike the way Kona­ta shares her otakuism with oth­ers, Hiy­ori is a lit­tle… less open about it. This is notice­able when she gets all uneasy when they dis­cov­er her sketchbook.

I find it fun­ny how she some­times imag­ines her friends in yuri-type situations. ^^;;

Such as this one. I have to admit, she draws pret­ty well. But if I were her friends (who were actu­al­ly obliv­i­ous to the whole thing), I would feel pret­ty uncom­fort­able hang­ing out with her. ^^;;

By the way, I’m entranced at Yukata’s cute­ness just as much as Tsukasa’s right now. Which reminds me, “Yukata’s” goes through the spellcheck­er and “Tsukasa’s” does­n’t? WHAT IS THIS?! _| ̄|○

When the shit hits the fans.

When the shit hits the fans.

The dodge ball scene had me in stitch­es. I’m glad I haven’t encoun­tered any­one who has an arm like that in real life.


Seri­ous­ly speak­ing, I’ve had enough with peo­ple treat­ing their seniors as if they were gods.

i like Misao. i like fang ppl.

I actu­al­ly heard the above some­where before. Made me laugh for some reason…

Any­way, 5 sec­ond rule at home = fine. 5 sec­ond rule on pub­lic floors = What? I agree with Misao all the way.

Seems like I’m at the point where I’m demand­ing a spin off of these first-year char­ac­ters after CLANNAD and The Melan­choly of Haruhi Suzu­miya II have fin­ished their run. I can see it now, they just seem so much like the next gen­er­a­tion in my eyes.

Last­ly, Shi­raishi in a wed­ding dress. Campy danc­ing and singing par­o­dies? Great. But I draw the line at cross­dress­ing.

13 thoughts on “Lucky Star 18

  1. I’m a guy and I just don’t care lol, I used to walk through light driz­zles to heavy storms to get home, plus I nev­er liked car­ry­ing an umbrel­la. Some­thing inter­est­ing is how the ani­mal com­par­isons were actu­al­ly stick­ers my broth­er got in Japan about two weeks before this episode aired. Btw, I have a fang moe thing too lol; did you notice Misao from Lucky Star and Kagu­ra from Azu­man­ga look and act a bit alike.

  2. @AS: Aside from the hair, I can’t real­ly find any resem­blances between the two (well, Lucky Star’s art style is lean­ing towords being “moé” more than Azu­man­ga Daioh, so that may be the prob­lem). Nice eyes, I’ve seen stick­ers that look like those ani­mal too; maybe it’s anoth­er cul­tur­al reference.

  3. Wow, lots of screen­caps. Thanks for that. I nev­er real­ly got around to watch­ing Lucky Star, though… I guess I’m weird for not being able to sit through an episode of it. XD

    Buu­ut, it’s inter­est­ing to read entries about it, haha. And the wet-white-shirt thing is true, and I notice that most guys real­ly do care less about get­ting wet than girls. Fun­ny how they point out amus­ing things that are most prob­a­bly true, haha. XD

  4. @Mintie: Nah, I haven’t been able to get around to watch­ing some stuff I’ve heard about either. It’s actu­al­ly a very good slice-of-life type of thing when you DO get around to it though… Pret­ty enter­tain­ing stuff. Plus you won’t have to go through a lot of melo­dra­ma like some ani­me makes you go through (which gets annoy­ing at some point :P).

  5. Haha, yeah, the melo­dra­ma can get annoy­ing after a while. And this show resem­bles Azu­man­ga Daioh, so I’ll prob­a­bly watch it some time. XD

  6. @Dan­ny: Sort of missed your com­ment in the whole mod­er­a­tion pile, sor­ry ’bout that. Any­way, YES! This episode was filled with moé. And I have Yuka­ta and Tsukasa to thank. <3 😛

  7. P‑plowed over by the girl who works in the nurse’s office.”
    I still don’t know whether she just throws that hard, or whether she was just REALLY pissed off at Hiy­ori at that point.

    Prob­a­bly both.

    And Hiyori’s asides were priceless…

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