Mononoke 03

A ship finds itself trapped in a sea of Ayakashi. Which pas­sen­ger is the cul­prit that has sent them off-course?

I did a lit­tle research, and it seems that this episode has much more of a con­nec­tion to Bak­eneko than the last two episodes. A char­ac­ter that was in that arc of Ayakashi (Kayo) is in this arc of Mononoke. She also briefly men­tions the events that hap­pened in Bak­eneko. There’s also an encounter with an Ayakashi (a very mali­cious spirit).

Any­how, here’s a quick run­down of some pas­sen­gers on board:

Druggist/Drug Merchant/Medicine Mer­chant (Man, I should real­ly find that one con­sis­tent term for him…)

As badass as always. He also gives us a dis­play of some good use of gun­pow­der (but not in a nor­mal way… (;).

Yana­gi Genyousai

Seems to be some sort of bard that has some knowl­edge of spir­its. He reminds me of some oth­er char­ac­ter from anoth­er ani­me that’s cur­rent­ly mis­s­placed in my mind…

Sasa­ki Hyouhei

A very creepy-look­ing samu­rai. If some­one first watch­es this episode and makes a guess at who the cul­prit is, this guy will most like­ly be it. He just seems like the type of char­ac­ter you’d make that sort of judge­ment on when you first look at him.

Inter­est­ing­ly, and this is prob­a­bly only com­ing from me — Ken­shin (Rurouni Ken­shin), a very calm-look­ing samu­rai, popped into my head when I heard his voice. Pret­ty amusing.

And then we have these two hon­or­able monks, who obvi­ous­ly did­n’t do it… or did they?

The episode ends in sus­pense. It looks like the Med­i­cine Mer­chant pur­pose­ly made him­self sound like a sus­pect for his own amuse­ment. o_O

2 thoughts on “Mononoke 03

  1. I hate you because I’m putting off watch­ing Mononoke because I want to watch the arc in full. How long I’ll hold up is any­one’s guess (hint: prob­a­bly not long).

    Con­ti­nu­ity is a bit of a shock­er, though extra points for it!

    As an aside, I’m real­ly look­ing for­ward to this arc, for two par­tic­u­lar rea­sons. Chi­a­ki Kon­a­ka (Ser­i­al Exper­i­ments Lain, Texh­nolyze, The Big O) is doing the script, and see­ing as there’s a bud­get and this isn’t an adap­tion, it’ll actu­al­ly be good (which I can’t say for his incar­na­tions of Hells­ing, the Yot­suya Kaidan arc of Ayakashi, and Shad­ow Star Naru­taru). Kasuhi­ro Furuhashi is doing sto­ry­boards, and his cre­den­tials are quite worth as well (direc­tor of Le Cheva­lier D’Eon and the Rurouni Ken­shin OVAs, along with doing the sto­ry­boards for the fuck­ing amaz­ing fight in episode twelve of Noein).

  2. @Hel­lKo­rn: lol I was a bit sur­prised with the con­ti­nu­ity too. I sort of fig­ured Mononoke was going to be one of those spin-offs that try not to have any to do with the pre­vi­ous series it’s based upon.

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