School Days 07

Some quick thoughts on the episode.

You know, it’s fun­ny how Mako­to sud­den­ly starts to real­ize that ignor­ing Kotono­ha is wrong after he sees her drenched clothes show­ing her boobs. Sure, show­ing some guilt after doing what he’s done would have knocked some points out of my hate-meter for him, but he nev­er once men­tions feel­ing bad for her until he saw the goldmine.

… Okay, maybe I’m being too hard on him, I guess I should knock some points off just for him actu­al­ly show­ing guilt. But it real­ly seems like fake guilt just for him to get under Kotono­ha’s skirt. Besides, he was will­ing to go on and have sex with Sekai after fak­ing the headache so Kotono­ha would leave. He’s still the two-tim­ing jerk, and him pro­long­ing his break-up with Kotono­ha (which nev­er hap­pened) only made things worse.

Hehe­he­he­he. I don’t mind. Tak­ing care of Mako­to is the only rea­son I have for living.(8

I can see the small signs of Kotono­ha hav­ing a break down. What I don’t get is why she con­tin­ues to deny that Mako­to isn’t the nice guy that loves her like she thought he was. It seems like she real­ly loves him, which is a big mis­take. But I can’t real­ly fault her for that because it seems like all the girls in this ani­me have very bad taste in guys (I know that this isn’t very cred­i­ble see­ing as this is com­ing from a guy, but I know most of the girls here will agree with me).

Seems she’s actu­al­ly tak­en a lit­tle bit of action at the end giv­ing Sekai a firm b@#c3$lap. ;P (Should’ve did that to Mako­to though, he deserves it more.)

Next to Mako­to, Taisuk­i’s get­ting to be one of my most hat­ed male char­ac­ters ever. The guy’s dri­ven by hor­mones — he’s des­per­ate. This is sup­port­ed by the fact that he’s going after Kotono­ha just after he heard that his best friend had bro­ken up with her (which was­n’t real­ly… true), which would mean he had his dirty eyes on her way before he had heard of it. I cer­tain­ly would­n’t want a friend who has his eye­balls on my girl­friend (and who I real­ly sus­pect to have inde­cent thoughts about her)…

But what makes me hate him more is that he takes advan­tage of Kotono­ha and rapes her at one point in the game. Yes, Mako­to made friends with a rapist — I’m not sur­prised. I’m hop­ing that this won’t hap­pen in the ani­me see­ing as it would imply that the path won’t lead to Mako­to dying any­more (that, and I feel sort of sor­ry for Kotonoha).

… Well, at least he played a role.

Oh, quit your cry­ing. You hooked them up in the first place and then you ruin it. If you want­ed to be with the jac­ka** so bad­ly, then you should­n’t have set them up in the first place and giv­en him your body right there and then (I bet he would’ve liked that…). But I guess then, the sto­ry would­n’t real­ly be interesting. 

She’s lucky that Kotono­ha did­n’t go “WHOEVER STEALS MAKOTO-KUN AWAY FROM ME DESERVES TO DIE” on her Kaede-style. Instead, she’s giv­en a loud slap.

And Set­suna… Wow, she’s force­ful. ^^;; But I guess she meant well, even though it sort of made things worse.

4 thoughts on “School Days 07

  1. I did­n’t know about the rape, hope that does­n’t hap­pen. But its great we final­ly see a well deserved b*#%@ slap, huz­zah. Death to all except pos­si­bly Katsura.

  2. @AS: Well, all three of the bad end­ings have one char­ac­ter die in each… Let’s hope the ani­me comes up with an orig­i­nal one so all jus­tice could be served.

  3. I actu­al­ly think that Taisu­ki will hook up with the girl that wants him. I don’t think that any­one would die in the end. It may sound a bit sadis­tic but I want one of the bad end­ings. Just don’t think that it will hap­pen in anime.
    btw is Mako­to real­ly this cute? He got three girls that like him. I think ani­me dis­re­gar­ing oth­er pos­si­bil­i­ties. For exam­ple if I were Kotono­ha I would be see­ing anoth­er guy by now:)

  4. @hackz0r: Eh, I guess he’s sup­posed to be. Per­son­al­ly, I don’t think he looks any dif­fer­ent from a background-filler-boy…

    The ani­me seems to be going in a twist­ed route, so it’s not entire­ly impos­si­ble that they’d go with a bad end­ing. That would gar­ner a lot of suc­cess just for being one of the first notable h‑game ani­me adap­tions that DON’T end with a fluffy end­ing. Besides, if they go with a good end­ing, then they’d have to pull a DEM which is gen­er­al­ly… bad.

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