Lucky Star 19

Hiy­ori is awe­some (the cos­play pic reminds me of some­thing; we need anoth­er Full­met­al Alchemist ani­me: this time one that fol­lows the man­ga all the way until the end).

If you watched the episode close­ly, inter­est­ing­ly, there’s some neat stuff that hap­pens when Kuroi-sen­sei is punch­ing Kona­ta, here and here. I guess KyoAni want­ed to throw those in for the view­ers who have good eyes. ^^;;

Why, look what we have here… I spot Ju-on: The Grudge. :O Much scari­er than its Amer­i­can remake, The Grudge (no, seri­ous­ly. Was any­one actu­al­ly scared of The Grudge?).

Like Tsukasa, I don’t real­ly do scary movies at night… but do them anyway. ^^;;

I find it amus­ing that Kona­ta points out that being clum­sy is cute in anime/manga, but is irri­tat­ing in real life… when they are in an anime/manga. Kaga­mi act­ing out the part was total­ly funny.

By the way, I got an ani­mat­ed gif of this scene from the image­board. (;

There has been some spec­u­la­tion of who Tsukasa was so eager to get a reply from while tex­ting on her cell­phone. Some peo­ple say it’s Shi­raishi. NO! JUST NO!

Anoth­er morn­ing at the Hidamari apart­ments… Oh wait, wrong anime. (;

Hiy­ori shows more of her awe­some­ness when avoid­ing the falling impact on her draw­ing hand (of course, she sac­ri­ficed her back…). I’ve heard of “dying for your art”, but she takes it to a whole anoth­er lev­el (I mean, she just tripped. Just imag­ine if it were a life and death sit­u­a­tion… Hmm…). 

The cars below are get­ting a pret­ty good view, huh? (;

This would’ve flew right passed my head if it was­n’t for Ani­me­Su­ki.

Wow, the way Konata’s dad react­ed, I thought Kona­ta was run­ning around naked or some­thing at first. o_O;

Gyakuten Saiban 4 / Ace Attor­ney 4 ref­er­ence! More proof of Hiror­i’s awesomeness.

Aki­ra send­ing Shi­raishi off to die in the forests near Fuji… harsh…

What is yaoi?”

Aw man… Yukata’s DEFINITELY one of the most cutest char­ac­ters in Lucky Star, next to Tsukasa. 

Yeah, this episode was great as usu­al. I like it how recent­ly the ani­me has split screen­time from the main group and Yukata’s friends (who are dying for a spinoff).

9 thoughts on “Lucky Star 19

  1. @Mintie: Yup. Full­met­al Alchemist looks awe­some in that style. xD Remem­ber, peo­ple try­ing to imi­tate Ed’s hair (unless they have it nat­u­ral­ly…) do it great most­ly in anime. ^^;;

  2. I agree, it was nice to see the rest of the cast get some screen­time. If only they had brought them in from the beginning…

    If it real­ly is Shi­raishi’s mes­sage that Tsukasa is wait­ing for, well, that would only serve to add to his awe­some­ness. Per­haps he can cap­ture Kagami’s heart as well and have some twin action. Giv­en his appar­ent masochis­tic ten­den­cies, he would prob­a­bly get along with her pret­ty well. 😉

    BTW, loved the Hidamari Sketch reference.

  3. @0rion: lol Masochis­tic ten­den­cies. But twin action + Shi­raishi = do not want. 😛 Prob­a­bly best to have twin action and leave it at that. 😉

  4. Lol, incred­i­ble that you got those screen shots of Kuroi sen­sei pum­mel­ing Kona­ta, I tried a few times to see what they were then just gave up, now I know what it is so thanks. “What is Yaoi?” lol, hop­ing for more awk­ward ques­tions like that…already seen the chin chin one ;p.

  5. @AS: Was­n’t real­ly hard for me to get those screen­caps… Just need­ed to get the tim­ing right.
    @Kala: Yeah, although I real­ly like it when they just go about their dai­ly busi­ness with­out being drowned in ref­er­ences, but meh. 😛

  6. lol my fav part in this ep was when the fma cos­play­er walked past, I’m sure you all rec­og­nized it and went “zomg fma” as soon as the cape flashed by

  7. *nose­bleed* FMA cos­play.… that’s price­less ^_^ I need to catch up on this series; I’m about 5 episodes behind >_>

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