2007 Autumn Anime

As I noticed that school is approach­ing, so is Sep­tem­ber — the month where the leaves turn red and start to fall, which also means autumn is approach­ing. I already have my eyes on some of the upcom­ing shows which I’ll def­i­nite­ly watch, most prob­a­bly know which one I’m look­ing for­ward to the most (hint: above).

Notable series that I’ll watch — after the jump.

Updat­ed list can be found on moetron ☆萌えトロン.

CLANNAD (Air date: Octo­ber 4th) 

Kyoto Ani­ma­tion does anoth­er Key visu­al nov­el adap­tion, all of which I liked. Ever since Haruhi II was announced, there was spec­u­la­tion on whether not they would push CLAN­NAD’s air date to 2008, air them togeth­er, or just air CLANNAD first. Push­ing CLANNAD into 2008 real­ly did­n’t make any sense to me because they already had pro­mos for it — and to air Haruhi, which did­n’t have any pro­mo­tion­al mate­r­i­al at all beside a school “van­dal­ism”, instead of CLANNAD just did­n’t seem right to me. They could­n’t air them togeth­er either because KyoAni is known for work­ing on one project at a time, and for them to work on both of them at the same time would down­grade their quality.

And would you look at that? I was right! Go ahead and shoot me, Harui­ists. You’re only killing your own kind. Per­son­al­ly, I look for­ward to play­ing the visu­al nov­el Eng­lish fan patch­es.

Here’s a PV from TBS Ani­me Fes­ta. I still can’t stop lis­ten­ing to the music. ^^;;

Kodomo no Jikan (Air date: Sep­tem­ber 12th)

Peo­ple should know about this one by now, am ani­me adap­tion of the infa­mous man­ga that “caters to the loli­cons”. I think the oppo­site though — it pokes fun at the fan­tasies of loli­cons rather than cater to them. What I like about this title is that the teacher, Daisuke Aoki, is basi­cal­ly just a nor­mal per­son, not rec­i­p­ro­cat­ing (a third grad­er) Rin’s advances and refus­es to in order to keep his job. So it’s actu­al­ly pret­ty fun­ny, in a sick sort of way.

Gen­shiken II (Air date: October ??)

Okay, I admit — I nev­er actu­al­ly fin­ished this series. I was cut off at episode 6, right when it was licensed and nev­er got around to buy­ing the R1 release. But nonethe­less, it was awe­some. I’ll watch this regard­less of the high prob­a­bil­i­ty of me being clue­less about some stuff.

Myself;Yourself (Air date: October ??)

From what I gath­er, it’s based on a visu­al nov­el for the PS2 (which has­n’t been released yet, so it’ll basi­cal­ly air before its source mate­r­i­al…) and it seems to have a tad bit of romance in it. It’s about a boy (Hida­ka Sana) who returns to his child­hood town after 5 years and meets an old friend and his child­hood love dur­ing high­school… So yeah, me being me, it’s nat­ur­al that this would be on my list.

Prism Ark (Air date: October ??)

Eh, what I know about this one right now is that it’s based on an eroge, and from what I hear — a very good one at that.

Here’s some back­ground info tak­en from the thread on AnimeSuki:
The world of Prism Ark takes place in the equiv­a­lent of our world’s Cru­sade era in West­ern Europe. The geog­ra­phy is a lit­tle changed and there are stuff like mag­ic and dragons.

The main play­ers are Wind Land, Viel­la, and the Sablum Empire. Viel­la of Vic­taly is equal to Rome of Italy, and the Sablum Empire is equal to the Byzan­tine Empire. Sabus is the god of Islam and Reri­hion is the god of Chris­tian­i­ty. Like our world’s Chris­tian­i­ty, Viel­la serves as the head­quar­ters of the Pope and believ­ers of Rerihion.

Wind Land is where the Holy Roman Empire would be. In Wind Land, it is always spring, and the greet­ing is “Good wind” instead of “Good morning”.

Pri­or to the events that begin in Prism Ark, Viel­la has already called sev­er­al cru­sades in the name of Reri­hion to reclaim the Holy Land. How­ev­er this was com­plete­ly stopped after awhile and Reri­hion and Sabus believ­ers lived in peace and har­mo­ny from that day.

The game begins with the King and Queen mak­ing a jour­ney to Viel­la to get their one year daugh­ter, the Princess of Wind Land, bap­tized. How­ev­er, their escort was sud­den­ly attacked by the Sablum Empire, who were sup­posed to be their good allies. At this bat­tle was the first appear­ance of the Angels, a impos­ing being with wings and halo, whose height eas­i­ly dou­bled men’s, and came wield­ing nev­er before seen power.

After­wards, the King, the Queen, and the Princess were all miss­ing and were assumed either killed from the ambush, or in hid­ing. Out­raged, the Pope imme­di­ate­ly re-estab­lished the Cru­sades and ordered one to invade Sablum. From then on, Wind Land and the Sablum Empire were in war. How­ev­er, this war has not end­ed years after years and con­tin­ues on to this day, and still, there are no King or Queen rul­ing Wind Land…

Final­ly get­ting the accep­tance notice, Hyaweh trav­els to the Isle of Rozen­berg, which is hold­ed by the Rozen­berg Fam­i­ly, the most pow­er­ful fam­i­ly in Wind Land, sec­ond to the absence Roy­al Fam­i­ly. In there is the best school for knights wannabes, pri­vate­ly fund­ed by Duke Kizarov Rozen­berg, the num­ber one Knight in Wind Land.

How­ev­er, as it turns out, Hyaweh is actu­al­ly two whole weeks late and from there on spi­rals his wacky jour­ney to knight­hood in the midst of a dev­as­tat­ing war tak­ing place, which will hit home clos­er than what any­one could’ve imagined.

Shugo Chara! (Air date: Octo­ber 6th)

This one’s based on a shou­jo man­ga that I nev­er got around to read­ing. ^^;; An ani­me adap­tion is com­ing out, so why not?

Sketch­book ~full col­or’s~ (???)

Does­n’t look as cute as Hidamari Sketch, but it looks good.

Speak­ing of Hidamari Sketch, two spe­cials are gonna air on BS‑i some time on Octo­ber. Can’t wait!

13 thoughts on “2007 Autumn Anime

  1. Once I get that trans­lat­ed, I’ll decide if I should leave it up or not…

    EDIT: Delet­ed.

  2. all I have to say is that an ani­me based on an eroge about the Cru­sades sounds com­plete­ly awe­some and I am very much look­ing for­ward to this

  3. Span­ish com­ment looks kin­da spam­my to me, but then, my Span­ish isn’t that great.

    Glad to see that you’ve the got the best two shows at the top of your list. Not a Gun­dam fan, though?

  4. @0rion: I am, but not a very big one. Cer­tain­ly haven’t watched many Gun­dam series com­pared to oth­er peo­ple. ^^;; Whether or not I watch 00 depends…

  5. @abaraitousen’s com­men­tary — It is some­what spam­my… basi­cal­ly, he’s say­ing that he likes your blog, that he likes the ecchi genre and some­thing about upload­ing that kind of shows into your blog so every­on can down­load them.

    Look­ing for­ward to Prism Ark too, the con­cept sounds interesting.

  6. @Mari: Eh, thanks for expla­na­tion on abaraitousen’s com­ment. Sort of got that impres­sion when shov­ing it onto Google (which trans­lates it out in very bad Eng­lish… but that’s my fault for not being flu­ent in Span­ish, I guess. (;)
    Yeah, Prism Ark sounds very interesting.

  7. I’m an evil, pseu­do-elit­ist heretic, so the only ani­me that inter­ests me this fall sea­son is Ghost Hound, and maybe Mad­house­’s Neu­ro adap­tion (haven’t read it, but the art looks beau­ti­ful­ly insane, espe­cial­ly for a shounen man­ga)… And per­haps Mokke, which is sup­posed to be some kind of moe ver­sion of Mushi-shi.

    Only hav­ing three shows is fine by me. I need to con­cen­trate on school, any­way, not to men­tion that I’m going to be watch­ing Fight­ing Spir­it and Nadia when the col­lec­tions come out in Octo­ber and Novem­ber, respectively.

  8. @Hel­lKo­rn: Ghost Hound looks pret­ty cool, I may watch it because Pro­duc­tion I.G. is ani­mat­ing it. I real­ly loved how they did Ghost in The Shell: Stand Alone Com­plex, xxxHOliC, and Immor­tal Grand Prix 2.

  9. Wooot, Gen­shiken II. I real­ly start­ed enjoy­ing the series with the spe­cial episodes…probably because of Ogu­ie lol, can’t wait for more of her. Clan­nad and Jikan sounds inter­est­ing and some­thing I would­n’t mind review­ing based on your description.

  10. This gun­dam serie is the best. I can’t for­get my first time watch­ing Gun­dam Wing then know about japan mobile gun­dam. Hope to pos­sess a lot more won­der­ful gun­dam serie in the future

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