Mononoke 04

What is it that you fear the most? Truth or lie, it will con­tin­ue to tor­ment you…

Looks like the Med­i­cine Sell­er did make him­self look like a sus­pect for his own amuse­ment. A light sub­ject that was brought up by Kayo; which “side” is the Med­i­cine Sell­er on? In my opin­ion, even if he does­n’t even save a sin­gle life when slay­ing spir­its, his ulti­mate goal is to slay spir­its (which he would accom­plish). Does­n’t real­ly make him an ene­my just because he did­n’t save any­one in the end. As I sus­pect­ed, one of the monks changed their course (because I was think­ing out­side the box (;).

The sym­bol­ism in what illu­sion the umiza­tou gave each of the char­ac­ters was prob­a­bly the most impres­sive thing that was pre­sent­ed in this episode. All the char­ac­ters (even the Med­i­cine Sell­er him­self) were shown an illu­sion when answer­ing their fears, all except the two monks. From what I gath­er, the “fears” that all the oth­ers held were either abstract or just weren’t present at the moment. The umiza­tou did­n’t have to show Sougen his “great­est fear” Genkei because he was already there, and them being in the Ayakashi Sea, the utsurobune was sort of already present due to it being in the Ayakashi Sea.

Looks like we see the spir­it of Genkei’s sis­ter in the next episode (and look­ing at the pre­view in the ED theme, Genkei does­n’t exact­ly *enjoy* it).

2 thoughts on “Mononoke 04

  1. Man, the premise of this show is real­ly cool, but I just can­not get used to the art and ani­ma­tion style.

    Like a bad acid trip, man. Baaaad trip. >_<

  2. @0rion: I dun­no. I got used to the art short­ly with­in the first episode. In my opin­ion, it real­ly fits with the show. 🙂

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