Lucky Star 20

It’s not a Haruhi infomer­cial — it’s a FOOD infomercial.


(Haruhi says it turns your B‑cup into an F‑cup. SO BUY NOW!)

Tsukasa wants some too. 

ZOMG LUCKY STAR IS REAL! It’s fun­ny how I can relate so much to this show. I mean, sim­il­iar to Tsukasa, I’m always tempt­ed to want to eat some great look­ing food on Food Network…

… But like Kona­ta said in this episode, usu­al­ly the food we see in those shows are spe­cial­ties from places that are too far from our grasp. Like the Habanero Burg­er (The World’s “Hottest Burg­er”) in the old famous Prince O’ Whales at San Mateo, where you sign a release form in order to order one and then get a bumper stick­er say­ing you “sur­vived” it after you’re done (because it’s THAT hot). And you know what? Now that whole ordeal is GONE… ):

… Err, back on top­ic: Lucky Star.

Kona­ta has a good point there: Dat­ing sims would­n’t be dat­ing sims if most of the girls have boyfriends. I found it amus­ing that she basi­cal­ly answered the long-lived ques­tion on why the Lucky Star girls don’t have boyfriends though, it would­n’t be much of an ani­me if they did. ^^;;

It seems a friend from mid­dle school has a boyfriend and she asked me what gift she should get for his birth­day. But I had no idea…

And it looks like they nev­er had one. 😛

… Or will if all their par­ents act up like THIS. ;P

Otaku say they’re inter­est­ed in girls that have the same inter­est as them on mes­sage boards, despite the fact that it seems female otaku nev­er say the same things about them.

I bet all the male otaku that heard this while watch­ing this episode felt pret­ty degrad­ed. :laugh: Don’t wor­ry, you’ll find love… someday.

Lur­ing mos­qui­toes in, flex­ing your mus­cles, and mak­ing mos­qui­toes explode due to the amount of blood they’re tak­ing in? I’ll pass. I basi­cal­ly do the same thing as Yuta­ka (so cute…) when mos­qui­toes get on me, move my arms around or try blow­ing them away. If that does­n’t work, then I go the man­ly way — smash­ing them between the wall and my arm. Of course, then I’d have to wash away all the dis­gust­ing guts that would be left behind, which kills the whole pur­pose of not want­i­ng to slap them in the first place.

See­ing the cast in yuka­ta again was a real treat too. Of course, these sort of fes­ti­vals that take place at night always come with a cost, being preyed on by mos­qui­toes. (;

This was a cute scene, Yuka­ta rest­ing on Minami’s lap. ^^;; To those who think that the rela­tion­ship that Yuka­ta and Mina­mi share will even­tu­al­ly lead to shou­jo-ai, I for­tu­nate­ly don’t share that opin­ion. Being Asian myself, see­ing this kind of close rela­tion­ship between girls is pret­ty nor­mal for me.

白石君…? 白石君!”

Ono Daisuke, FTW! 😛 Aki­ra sure gets a lot of ani­mat­ed voice actors for assistants.

Speak­ing of seiyuu… Any­one else share my opin­ion that Misao has one of the best sound­ing voic­es in the show? One thing I like about Lucky Star: the voice cast. A pret­ty amaz­ing selection.

4 thoughts on “Lucky Star 20

  1. I love Misao’s voice, its kind of high and squeaky yet a bit tomboy­ish like her char­ac­ter, they find a very good match. I don’t mind doing the whole slap, squish, ewww thing with mos­qui­toes as long as I can imme­di­ate­ly wash my hands…never know whose blood they drank; Yutaka’s way is pret­ty cute though and fits her nicely.

  2. @AS: I nev­er slap them dead, maybe brush­ing them off my arm or some­thing, but I nev­er felt like slap­ping them. Yukata’s way is da bomb just because. 😛
    @BrikHaus: lol That’s pret­ty amaz­ing con­sid­er­ing it was only a real­ly brief cameo.

  3. I def­i­nite­ly agree that Misao’s voice is great. Kin­da funky and dif­fer­ent, Kan­sai-ben but not quite.

    Real­ly, I think all the char­ac­ters are real­ly well cast, and all the voice act­ing is top notch. It cer­tain­ly adds a lot to the enjoy­ment of the show.

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