Wow, I haven’t updated in like… forever.

WOW… I appar­ent­ly took “cut­ting down post­ing every­day because school’s begun” seri­ous­ly since the last post. And by seri­ous­ly, I mean I haven’t post­ed… at all ( ^^;; ).

I haven’t lost inter­est in ani­me. I just haven’t watched much recent­ly (Okay, I think I just sound­ed retard­ed right now…). I’ve been watch­ing more JDra­ma, HKDra­ma, and KDra­ma more than ani­me late­ly (I’ve also sharp­ened up on my Kamen Rid­er fix!) and of course, along with the good ol’ school stuff; get­ting pissed off at peo­ple abus­ing the word “emo” and doing school­work. Okay, maybe not that much school­work and more of using the “sit there and do noth­ing but stare at an emp­ty wall-time” to obsess over a girl I’ve been obsess­ing over for the past 5 years (It’s all healthy, okay?!). I’ve been doing that dur­ing the sum­mer too, but for some strange rea­son I found time to watch ani­me dur­ing that long peri­od. Maybe because I haven’t actu­al­ly SEEN her in a while, ya’ know? (;

Well, I’m just post­ing to tell you all that I’m still alive and kick­ing, and I’m back to watch­ing some more ani­me. =D I’ll prob­a­bly make the usu­al (or was usu­al) ani­me post tomor­row. I want­ed to ma[ke one today, but I real­ly do have a stuffy nose right now (why do they make us swim when some of autum­n’s cold weath­er is start­ing to hit?!). Ugh.

6 thoughts on “Wow, I haven’t updated in like… forever.

  1. Wel­come back, missed ya lol. I think obses­sion is ok as long as you don’t start stalk­ing or doing oth­er weird stuff that might land you in jail, I obsessed before and act­ed on it only to get reject­ed lol…got over it though. They make you swim in school huh, good thing I nev­er had to lol…not to say that I’m a bad swimmer.

  2. @Ori­on: Hmm, maybe I will in my next post. 😉
    @AS: lol No stalk­ing… at least, no ille­gal stalk­ing that would harm myself and her. 😛 Besides, she knows I like her. It’s fun­ny though, after Day 1 and you for­get your swim­ming clothes, they make you jump in with any clothes you have on (unless you have a note or some­thing). lol

  3. haha… Yeh I know peo­ple are cer­tain­ly get­ting busy I sup­pose… obsess­ing for 5yrs?! haha I guess at least she knows :p

  4. I find that post­ing can get tire­some at times, when you haven’t post­ed for a week you think to your­self “I have to post now,” I gen­er­al­ly post when­ev­er I feel like it but dur­ing the busy times it cre­ates big gaps in my post­ing lol, I guess you have a sim­i­lar habit.

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