Lucky Star 21

Sort of behind… I believe the series already end­ed. Got to catch up before they sub episode 24! It’s nice to know some peo­ple fol­low a.f.k rather than Guer­rand, who are more behind than me. Makes me feel a tad more mighty… and less behind. (; I haven’t down­loaded a RAW for this episode, but rather a fan­sub this time. So expect fan­sub screenshots.

This episode focus­es on the girls’ trip to Kyoto, which gave me the same sort of vibe as that beach episode (and I REALLY enjoyed the beach episode). Even though I real­ly enjoyed this episode… am I the only who noticed that the char­ac­ter pro­por­tions were slight­ly off towards the begin­ning. Of course, it stopped some­where halfway, espe­cial­ly dur­ing the scene I cap­tioned above (Awww, Kaga­mi thought she was get­ting a date… with an old-look­ing kid (;).

Kona­ta knows what her Kagamin is feel­ing! ;p

Hmm, hint­ed Kaga­mi x Kona­ta in this episode? KyoAni is too nice to the fans!

They almost spelled Kagami’s name in Eng­lish wrong. xD

This sure is cute. Tsukasa gets fright­ened at the thought of Comiket. Trau­ma­tized by her first and last expe­ri­ence, I see? (;

Shi­raishi gets more spot­light than usu­al in this episode. He con­tributed more epic­ness to the episode with his bus run… And going crazy dur­ing Lucky Chan­nel and try­ing to kill Aki­ra. Priceless.

Last, but not least, one of the things that caught my eye in this episode was a ref­er­ence to a famil­iar lit­tle some­thing (to most of you) that’s actu­al­ly THERE in real life.

3 thoughts on “Lucky Star 21

  1. This was an excel­lent episode, Minoru going berserk was, in my opin­ion, the best Lucky Chan­nel. In slice of life ani­mes focus­ing on girls, the girls should nev­er get boyfriends for it ruins the whole atmos­phere, they men­tioned it once in Lucky Star. I hope I don’t get trau­ma­tized by going to my first Comiket lol.

  2. @AS: I agree, I saw some sort of rejec­tion com­ing when she got that note. 😛 I could­n’t ful­ly enjoy the episode since I felt real­ly exhaust­ed, but Lucky Chan­nel seemed to wake me up. xD Go Minoru~!

  3. That was such a great episode. Every­thing from the Ginkaku­ji vis­it to the KyoAni pil­grim­age to Shi­raishi just pwn­ing the Lucky Chan­nel set — it was all pure win.

    And of course KyoAni’s nod to the fans with the “Kona­ta is my wife” was pret­ty cool as well.

    Glad to see you’re still keep­ing up with the show. I’ll tell you right now the last three episode are all pret­ty awe­some, as well. 😀

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