Hanazakari no Kimitachi e — 01

One of the JDra­mas I’m watch­ing as of now (as request­ed by Ori­on at the blog of Epic Win).

Based on the man­ga of the same name, Hana-Kimi is about a girl named Mizu­ki Ashiya, who dis­guis­es her­self as a boy to sneak into Osa­ka High, an all boys school to be with her idol, Izu­mi Sano, a for­mer high-jumper. All I can say is that it’s real­ly aimed at those fan­girls who squeal at the site of all those pret­ty boy actors and all of its reverse harem good­ness. Can’t say I was real­ly ecsta­t­ic with the whole atmos­phere of this dra­ma, but what can I say? I’m not a fangirl.

Mizu­ki Ashiya; the most beau­ti­ful girl-trap I’ve ever seen. Yep. Seri­ous­ly though, her actor (Horiki­ta Maki) is pret­ty cute.

Sano Izu­mi; the lead idol boy. For some rea­son, he quit high jump­ing, some­thing he was famous for and why Mizu­ki idol­izes him so much. Hope­ful­ly, some of you would rec­og­nize his actor (Oguri Shun) from “Den­sha Otoko” (“The Train Man”).

Shoichi Nakat­su; the run­ner dude in this episode. Seems he devel­ops a fake gay-love for Ashiya in the next episode judg­ing from the preview.

HOLY SHIT, IT’S KAMEN RIDER KABUTO! X) A con­trast to the char­ac­ter he played in Kab­u­to, Hiro no longer “Walks The Path of Heav­en”… rather, this time he walks the path to AIDs as Mina­mi Nan­ba. As in, he’s still a play­er, but this time he takes it too far.

The local homo­sex­u­al guy in the school. We all saw this com­ing, did­n’t we?

OMG IT’S KAMEN RIDER SASWORD! Tsu­ru­gi Yusuke is still very much a wier­do in this show. He seems to have a sixth sense and is able to see ghosts. I guess he devel­oped that after he was killed off in Kab­u­to, he even brought his Kaga­mi-stalk­ing pow­ers with him as Kayashima Taiki!

Back­ground girls that I don’t care about.

3 thoughts on “Hanazakari no Kimitachi e — 01

  1. Woohoo!

    Interesting…I did­n’t know that this had been made into a live-action. I read some of the man­ga, but it was waaaay to shou­jo for my tastes.

    Nice sum­ma­ry, though. That last screen shot made me laugh. 😀

  2. 0rion: Yeah, it also seemed a bit too shou­jo-ish for my tastes, but I’m used to it. My friends gave me a “ROFL” when I told them I was watch­ing it. :O

  3. Well, even if I’m not nec­es­sar­i­ly into the show, I respect that you are secure enough in your man­li­ness to watch it. 😉
    I used to watch a lot of J‑dramas that had the SMAP cast in them, and all my Japan­ese friends would just shake their heads and sigh. “Stu­pid gai­jin! Does­n’t he know these shows are for WOMENFOLK??”

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