CLANNAD 01 — [Somewhat] Quick Thoughts

It was every­thing I expect­ed it to be.

(Except for the fullscreen… WHY THE FULLSCREEN? The ani­ma­tion was great and all, com­ing from KyoAni, but the episode being shown in fullscreen killed some of the view­ing plea­sure for me)

Mov­ing on from the nit­pick­ing on the aspect ratio, the first episode intro­duces some pret­ty inter­est­ing char­ac­ters (espe­cial­ly Nag­isa’s dad, what a nut. Actu­al­ly, her mom’s a nut too. Scratch that, her whole fam­i­ly’s nuts. No, wait a minute, almost every visu­al nov­el has sev­er­al nut­ty char­ac­ters. — but that’s why I love them. (; Though, can’t blame Tomoya for not want­i­ng to be involved with them :P). As with AIR and Kanon, the way some of the scenes play out in sym­bol­ic under­tones makes me very excit­ed to watch the rest of the series to get what exact­ly is going on and how they’ll han­dle the char­ac­ters. Hmm, back to the sub­ject of nuts, did any­one else think that Kyou’s laugh sounds odd­ly famil­iar? Also, I would­n’t want to get on her nerves alone in the back alley. Her, and Tomoyo (her kicks are kick a machine gun!).

As I expect­ed, both the open­ing and end­ing were great. The open­ing was beau­ti­ful and the end­ing has to be one of the most cutest things I’ve ever seen.

Can’t wait to see what going on here.

4 thoughts on “CLANNAD 01 — [Somewhat] Quick Thoughts

  1. So, what’s so bad about hav­ing a fullscreen res­o­lu­tion vs. the widescreen one? I’ve seen this com­plaint on a lot of blogs and have been mys­ti­fied. I think it’s a good thing that all the space is being used on my screen, but I’m not famil­iar with how this does/does not mess with the pic­ture qual­i­ty and whatnot.

    Also, Nag­isa is so an Ayu / Shiori com­bo in that last pic­ture. XD For some rea­son some of the Key char­ac­ters from game to game real­ly look a lot like each oth­er (take Kyou’s lit­tle sis­ter, or Nag­isa’s mom for example)…sometimes per­son­al­i­ty-wise as well.

  2. The end­ing of the first episode is obvi­ous.. Nag­isa is prac­tic­ing to revive the dra­ma club after the moral boost from Tomoya.

  3. @CCYoshi

    The orig­i­nal widescreen video has to be cropped on the sides to become fullscreen res­o­lu­tion (4/3), so you miss some details.

    Some exam­ples:
    Com­pare this pic­ture (from the Invi­ta­tion DVD, in widescreen) with this one (from the TV episode 1, in fullscreen). Or this pic­ture (widescreen) and the sec­ond one of this post.

  4. @CCYoshi: Yeah, in fullscreen they have to chop out a part of the pic­ture in order for it to fit.

    lol Nice obser­va­tion there. She does look a bit like Ayu in that scene. Her clothes looks a lot like what Shiori wore.

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