Shakugan no SHANA — Movie

Shakugan no Shana - Movie

The movie is basi­cal­ly an AU movie (in con­trast to what peo­ple first thought was a sequel to the first sea­son), giv­ing an alter­nate end­ing to the first arc of the ani­me (which, in my opin­ion, how they SHOULD’VE end­ed it) — though it was real­ly tedious going through the same scenes we’ve already seen in almost more than half of the begin­ning of the movie. Nev­er­the­less, the movie’s good for those who want to start with the sec­ond series and don’t want to both­er going through the first one to get the premise of the show.

Wilhelmina cameos! ^o^
Keep your eyes peeled for ran­dom Carmel cameos!

While I real­ly enjoyed the lat­er half of the movie, the begin­ning of the movie con­sist­ed of recy­cled scenes from the first two episodes of the ani­me with slight changes here and there. That real­ly made me tempt­ed to skip over, but I did­n’t. May I men­tion that Kazu­mi nev­er real­ly plays that big of a part in the movie (just as she does in the cor­re­spond­ing arc in the ani­me), rather I found her to be a big­ger part of:

Random Fanservice
Well, you know…

On a lighter note on char­ac­ters, I’m remind­ed how Hirai’s cute­ness rivals Shana’s

She seemed to take some part in the dis­gust that Yuji had towards wip­ing out the Torch­es too ear­ly. Looks like she’s not com­plete­ly for­got­ten and a some­what sym­bol­ic fig­ure rather than just a plot tool used for Shana to fit into school life and such like she is in the anime!


The per­vert with a doll fetish a.k.a Friagne gets a much more excit­ing, men­ac­ing, and inter­est­ing bat­tle com­pared to the one in the ani­me, it also resem­bles the bat­tle from the nov­els much more close­ly than the one inter­pret­ed in the ani­me. The fight in the ani­me was a tad weak in the series, in my opin­ion — this is exact­ly what they should’ve done with it.

I like it how Yuji sum­moned a Fuzetsu dur­ing the bat­tle to can­cel out the City Devour­ing, def­i­nite­ly shows that he’s no ordi­nary Torch and is very strong at heart, espe­cial­ly when he’s deter­mined to pro­tect the city like that.


Now, onto the REAL meat of the movie: The sum­mon­ing of the Flame of Heav­en, Alas­tor! This has to be one of the coolest things in the movie — his sum­mon­ing in the ani­me did­n’t do him any jus­tice (we did­n’t even get to see him, we just saw fiery explo­sions!), and now we get see him OWN Friagne (as he did in the nov­els and the man­ga). This seemed to have a lot more “impact” than his sum­mon­ing in the ani­me, in my opin­ion. The look on Friag­ne’s face was priceless.


We get a warm­heart­ed end­ing scene as we see Yuji think­ing that his time is up. Even though we ALL KNOW that’s not real­ly the case and that he learns about the pow­er of the Hougu inside of him, the scene brought A LITTLE tear in my eye. This is tru­ely how the ani­me should’ve han­dled it, seemed to have alot more emo­tion­al impact than what hap­pened in the series.

“Will you con­tin­ue to use the name Shana?”

We’re almost done with the movie now (!), so let me point out some of the things that seper­ate the movie from the anime.

Dif­fer­ences between the movie and the ani­me:
— Hirai and Kazu­mi are shown to have a close rela­tion­ship while in the ani­me we’re only left to assume.
— Yuji is cut when the Rinne comes up from behind to steal his Hougu and the body that the Rinne was using was destroyed soon after, rather than Yuji try­ing to pro­tect the Rinne and get­ting cut up along with the Rinne.
— Dif­fer­ent scenes with Kazu­mi, along with show­ing a group pic­ture with Hirai’s face get­ting replaced by Shana’s.
— There is a cute lit­tle insert song when Hirai disappears (;;).
— More stu­dents were in the class­room at the time the Fuzetsu was sum­moned rather than only three peo­ple being there. Kazu­mi was offered up as a sac­ri­fice instead of Ike.
— Most of the dra­ma from the ani­me is miss­ing from the movie (exam­ple: Alas­tor say­ing “I would elim­i­nate Yuji if I were in your posi­tion” to Shana and stuff)
— Carmel cameos on television.
— Margery Daw is much more coop­er­a­tive after her lit­tle intro­duc­tion . Eita and Keisaku don’t have a role in the movie, or appear at all for that mat­ter, aside from their brief appear­ance dur­ing the class­room destruction.
— The last bat­tle with Friagne is very dif­fer­ent from the ani­me, with the sum­mon­ing of Alas­tor; fatal­ly own­ing him.

Yuji: Now that you're naked...
The End

(The end­ing song, “Ten­jou wo Kakeru Mono­tachi”, was smexy.)

3 thoughts on “Shakugan no SHANA — Movie

  1. See­ing Alas­tor was awe­some, def­i­nite­ly the high­light of the movie. See­ing Yuji using Fuzetsu was a bit of a sur­prise as I’ve nev­er seen him use it before, might see more of his “tech­niques” in sea­son 2. Nice list you got at the end. Makes me rethink the dif­fer­ences again.

  2. Erm… I think I should point out that Yuji was­n’t the one who used the Fuzetsu, but Shana. He yells out Fuzetsu and she uses it; you see it ema­nat­ing from her. Not the first time he’s yelled out some­thing and she does it auto­mat­i­cal­ly, after all. >_>

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