Shakugan no SHANA II — 02

And Yuji’s con­sti­pat­ed face looked so DRAMATIC in the pre­view… lol.

Shana made a ben­to for Yuji filled with melonpan.

(Holy crap… no won­der he passed out! It’s fun­ny how Shana blamed Yoshi­da’s ben­to for it. 😛 Though, eat­ing both ben­to at the same time might of helped in get­ting him sick — but I don’t think any­one can eat that much mel­on­pan in one go)

This is the rea­son why I’ll be a cook­ing hus­band and put met­al bars around the kitchen. Not that I have a prob­lem with melonpan. 😉

Poor Wil­helmi­na, so stuck on Shana ask­ing Chi­gusa to help her to cook (and her cook­ing in gen­er­al) that she almost kills Yuji. ):

… Wait, should I say “poor Yuji”?

Um, speak­ing of the train­ing, Alas­tor says some­thing about Yuji still not being able to sum­mon a Fuzetsu. Maybe AS was on to some­thing about Yuji being able to sum­mon one this sea­son just as he did in the movie.

By the way, is any­one else get­ting the Final Fan­ta­sy vibe from the new eye­catch? I guess it’s the music.

Now, I’m real­ly con­vinced that Shana II is going to mix the PS2/DS game sto­ry­line with the nov­el­’s sto­ry­line (with the Mystes and the Tomog­a­ra from the game and all). I won­der how this will turn out…

Well, they do have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to insert things that they removed from the first series in these (some­what “filler”, I guess) episodes with the PS2/DS characters.

Wow. Dream come true! I bet loads of peo­ple would give to pinch Shana’s cheeks… and then get a firm beat­ing by the lit­tle flame-haired tsun­dere, which I expect­ed Yuji to get alot more of.

(Although, some­how, I guess Shana enjoyed it deep down.)

Just so you know, I think that there is a huge pos­si­bil­i­ty that this may not be Hecate.

School­girl Hecate is just too good to be true.

That, and she does­n’t exist in the novels.

We’ll just have to wait and see.

6 thoughts on “Shakugan no SHANA II — 02

  1. I would eat that much mel­on pan for Shana, screw Yoshi­da’s club sand­wich­es lol. I too will prob­a­bly do some of the cook­ing in the house, though it will depend on my bet­ter half lol (Of course I mean a woman ^^).

  2. sry..i only start­ed watch­ing from episode 12,season 2…was hecate orug­i­nal­ly a real human(mytes)?who is she really?

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