Artwork” isn’t perfect

So, I get a sur­pris­ing email say­ing some­one com­ment­ed on my rant about obses­sive and igno­rant Naru­tards on my old Blog­ger blog (what’s most sur­pris­ing about it, actu­al­ly, is that I have no idea why that ghost blog still gets hits).

Here’s what he/she had to say:

Wow. I have nev­er seen such inter­est­ing dia­logue about naru­to ever. Well, I have got to say that you guys are tak­ing this stuff way too seri­ous­ly. The whole point of ani­me is as a form of enter­tain­ment and not argu­ment. Ani­me are works of art and I have to agree with you guys and say that peo­ple just like to take advan­tage. I have not read a sin­gle com­ment from a naru­tard yet. Have you heard their side of the sto­ry. I sure you haven’t. Some peo­ple just don’t know any better.Darren, yes it does take dili­gence. The whole sto­ry is fan­tas­tic. The plot is inter­est­ing and the action is top notch. Naru­to is a work of art.


What real­ly caught my atten­tion was him/her try­ing to make a point that we must con­stant­ly praise the ani­me we watch and not cri­tique or start some form of debate on the net with oth­er fans in the com­mu­ni­ty. The rea­son I like being an ani­me fan and blog­ging about it so much is because I get to form my own opin­ion about a show and share them with oth­er peo­ple, whether they agree with it or not. Yes, feel free to start an argu­ment on any opin­ion I have. That’s part of the beau­ty of hav­ing opinions.

Of course, I back up my opin­ions with rea­sons I feel are nec­es­sary for me to have formed those opin­ions on a par­tic­u­lar sub­ject. Ani­me is a work of art? Oh please, that isn’t a good rea­son not to cri­tique a show or it’s fans. Art isn’t about sit­ting down and blind­ly prais­ing it — it’s about express­ing your­self. And I’m just express­ing myself, stat­ing my opin­ions where I want to express them (right now, I believe a opin­ion is an art­work in itself) — on my ani­me blog. Peo­ple may cri­tique and start an argu­ment. I don’t care. It’s just bor­ing to go on an online com­mu­ni­ty and see­ing peo­ple go on oth­er peo­ples’ case for going against their con­stant prais­ing of a show. It’s my blog, I have the right to write what the hell I want and peo­ple may point out my mis­takes and cri­tique all they want. Because that’s how most humans grow — learn­ing from their mistakes.

What angers me the most is when peo­ple indi­rect­ly tell me to “Praise this show or shut the f**k up”.

The whole sto­ry is fan­tas­tic. The plot is inter­est­ing and the action is top notch. Naru­to is a work of art.”

This is what I’m talk­ing about. Blind­ly prais­ing a show like that when you can’t back up your own opin­ions — that just sick­ens me. Same goes for the oth­er way around, blind­ly attack­ing a show or its fans with­out back­ing up your opin­ions. If a show is very bad, just admit you just enjoy a very bad show — just because you like it does­n’t mean it has a fan­tas­tic sto­ry, char­ac­ters, etc.

I have not read a sin­gle com­ment from a naru­tard yet. Have you heard their side of the story.”

Yes. Too much, in fact.

8 thoughts on “Artwork” isn’t perfect

  1. it is embar­rass­ing to watch or talk about Naru­to beyond the max­i­mum age of 17 period.

    There’s a rea­son why naru­tard has ‑tard as a suffix.

  2. N the answer to your ques­tion is that the aver­age Naru­tard can’t tell whether a blog is dead or not.

  3. I kind of agree with anon on one thing — I’ve read reviews or things on fan­sites where it seems to me that peo­ple are tak­ing the show too seri­ous­ly and ana­lyze the crap out of it. Like Freud said, some­times a cig­ar is just a cigar. 

    But mind­less praise is not worth any­thing and that’s one thing that annoys me about the fan­dom in general.

  4. Just because some­one is a fan of Naru­to or likes the anime/manga does­n’t make them a tard. Oth­er­wise I have a list of LUcky Star-tards and ef-tards and sola-tards I can list. 

    Unfor­tu­nate­ly most Naru­to fans ARE tards because a lot of them are under the age of 15 and have no con­cept of any­thing in life and act like the idi­ot­ic teenagers that they are…who HAPPEN to incor­po­rate Naru­to into their idi­ot­ic lives.

    All it does is make the old­er Naru­to fans like us look bad which is unfor­tu­nate but unavoid­able. Again, you don’t have to like Naru­to, nor will I say it’s the best thing ever, but eh don’t knock it because its fan­dom sucks. Although I can agree that the Naru­to fan­dom crowd has ruined a few things for me. Cri­tiquing Naru­to fans as a whole is dumb though, because there is a small per­cent of us who actu­al­ly have a brain in our heads 🙂

  5. @dKi­Wi:Um, that’s a lit­tle harsh, dude. Even though I’m not that fond of Naru­to any­more, peo­ple of all ages should have the free­dom to watch the show with­out being big­ot­ed for being imma­ture… I would­n’t like that unless they WERE immature.
    @griev­er: Agreed. Even though, in my opin­ion, Naru­to has some pret­ty crap­py flaws, it annoys me how some peo­ple (a.k.a The “Bet­ter-Than-You” Elit­ist) bash­es the crap out of the show and, along with the per­son whose say­ing they like it and it’s their favorite, just for say­ing it’s their favorite. That’s tak­ing it a lit­tle too seriously.
    Hinano: lol I’d nev­er put Naru­to down because of the fans, but I would put it down because of its flaws (although the fans sort of adds to it). Seems that the Bleach/Death Note/Naru­to fan­doms are quite sim­i­lar (although, from the looks of it, they’re the same exact peo­ple… lol), plagued by stu­pid and over­shad­ows the intel­li­gent. I know a few very intel­li­gent Naru­to fans, one of which enjoys pok­ing fun at some of the ques­tion­able stuff and flaws of the show. Shame a lot of shounen fan­doms are over­ran by [imma­ture] teenagers.

    also off top­ic: hinano on my blog??!!!??111 lolz

  6. Don’t for­get the Haruhi-tards (I’m one).

    Haha! But I get teh point. Extrem­ism is bad in all forms. So I’ll cut the Naru­to fans some slack ya?

    How­ev­er, I still main­tain that it is embar­rass­ing to see Naru­tards talk­ing abt their hob­by in the pub­lic, and incred­i­bly embar­rass­ing to engage in a con­ver­sa­tion with a Naru­tard. Espe­cial­ly the for­mer, which can dri­ve a vet­er­an otaku insane. Or start up huge rant-style blogposts.

    Too bad coz we’re now liv­ing in a huge dig­i­tal divide where most peo­ple either:

    1. Knows how to use tech­nol­o­gy, but does­n’t under­stand it (lead­ing to pro­lif­er­a­tion of Friend­ster and Face­book much to the glee of Iden­ti­ty Thieves)
    2. Have huge knowl­edge gaps about the true nature of a cer­tain media (in this case ani­me) due to this misunderstanding

    All Shounen ani­me are intend­ed for audi­ences 15 and below. I wish all the ani­me fans would not try to run away from this fact as it is fact. Its already stat­ed inside the front cov­er of Viz’s Hikaru no Go that it orig­i­nat­ed from a series of short sto­ries for the under 15 category.

  7. I noe most of us grew up think­ing all ani­me was Shounen due to lousy licens­ing pat­terns of local com­pa­nies. Like what my friend said “ani­me always the last moment then the guy will pow­er up wad!” But that’s only the case, unfor­tu­nate­ly, for unre­al­is­tic Shounen action ani­me. I’ve shunned most Shounen ani­me already any­way, except some “old­er Shounen” and harems that fall just under Seinen like Ninomiya-kun and Blue Drop. Or fanser­vice ani­me which does­n’t real­ly need a demo­graph­ic indi­ca­tor to be enjoyed 🙂

  8. Hey there ^^, fel­low blog­ger here lol. It’s true that we blog to express our own opin­ions, even if the gen­er­al pop­u­la­tion might be against it, and do it because we want to. If I felt like it, I could blog about the worst ani­me in the world in my opin­ion but is con­sid­ered the best to some­one else, but thats just a waste of time. We gen­er­al­ly blog what we think is good or inter­est­ing to let oth­ers know about it. If they feel that its sh%# then its sh%# to them, whatever…if you want to bash about it then go right ahead. It is your opin­ion and you are enti­tled to it. Btw, I watch Naru­to but I’m no Naru­tard lol, just some­thing to watch and read when the week­end comes ^^. I thought it was pret­ty good until every­one else start­ed think­ing the same way, espe­cial­ly after it was shown dubbed in America.

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