A Big Dango Family

A Big Dango Family

When­ev­er we find our­selves fin­ish­ing an episode of CLANNAD, we find our­selves treat­ed to a real­ly cute end­ing song — だんご大家族 (Dan­go Daika­zoku). For me, I’m always treat­ed to some tears for some rea­son after lis­ten­ing to it.

I find it kind of strange actu­al­ly. Despite it being a very hap­py and calm song, it just seems to have a sad feel­ing to it in order for me to get a lit­tle teary-eyed. I know it’s NOT sup­posed to be a sad song, but I just can’t help myself (;_;).

Then I real­ized, it’s not the song — it’s the series. The only rea­son it gave off that sad feel­ing is because it’s a hap­py end­ing song for a poten­tial­ly sad series, with all that dra­ma the main char­ac­ter, Tomoya, is fac­ing (with his moth­er dying and his alco­holic dad and all). Either that or I’m just a big softy deep inside…

Nice job, Kyoto Ani­ma­tion and Key Visu­al Arts. You cre­at­ed yet anoth­er series that touched my heart emo­tion­al­ly… and this is just the end­ing song!

Lyrics (roma­jii):

Dan­go Dan­go Dan­go Dango
Dan­go Daikazoku
Yan­cha na yaki-dan­go, Yasashii an-dango
Min­na, min­na, awasete hyakunin kazoku
aka-chan dan­go ha itsumo shi­awase no naka de
toshiy­ori dan­go ha me wo hosometeru
nakayoshi dan­go te wo tsuna­gi ooki na marui wa ni naru yo
machi wo tsukuri dan­go hoshi no ue min­na de wara­iau yo
usa­gi mo sora de te wo futte miteru dekkai otsuki-sama
ure­shii koto kanashii koto mo zen­bu marumete 

49 thoughts on “A Big Dango Family

  1. I per­son­al­ly find the ED to be touch­ing in a dif­fer­ent way — it’s not sad, but rather pure. It gives off an inno­cent and sim­ple feel­ing (pos­si­bly a reflec­tion of Nag­isa). It is that dis­tilled puri­ty that affects me every time. 🙂

  2. I don’t think I’ll ever again be able to eat dan­go with­out hav­ing the sud­den urge to draw eye­balls on them. ( || )

  3. @Asu­ka: Now that I think about it, that could also pos­si­bly be the rea­son why I find myself teary-eyed after watch­ing the ED. It’s so hap­py and pure, it’s sad! 😛
    @0rion: lol!

    You just gave me an idea for a good alter­na­tive to buy­ing fig­urines of Por­ings from Rag­narok Online… Edi­ble “bootlegs” ftw!

  4. For my part, the ED is touch­ing because, like Asu­ka men­tioned, it’s incred­i­bly pure. There’s the feel of the Ide­al Fam­i­ly and famil­ial love, and I always tear up when I think about how lit­tle of that is around in Real Life.

    (I’ve not watched the series at all, and if all the reports of how sad it’ll get are true, I prob­a­bly nev­er will. I pre­fer my ani­me hap­py and fun.)

  5. I was just think­ing how sad this song was when I found and read this post. I don’t know why I get teary eyed when I hear it, and I cant help but get this sink­ing feel­ing. Such an odd­ly mul­ti-lev­el song!

  6. The end­ing sounds like child­hood xylo­phone music, but gets more intense with every part. Its a grow­ing deep feel­ing that rais­es until the end.

    The long CD-Ver­sion of this song is not such intense, because its to long 😉

  7. The dan­go fam­i­ly song is incred­i­bly touch­ing to me. I won­der what is in it that makes me want to break out in tears at such hap­pi­ness. Is the chord pro­gres­sion? Is it the instru­ments? Is it the dan­gos’ close­ness? Or is it the char­ac­ters in the show? Maybe it’s all of those ele­ments that make the song a whole. It fills up my heart with inex­press­able joy.

  8. i totaly agree i am a male ten­nag­er who cries very lit­tle yet this whole series is so emo­tion­al it makes you just want to cry and wish the whole world would just get along like the Dan­go family.

  9. I am not a big fan of ani­me, but my hus­band is. He was fan­sub­bing for Clan­nad when it first came out and he intro­duced me to this song. Even though I know noth­ing about the series it still does seem sad to me. I think it is more about nos­tal­gia, hav­ing a close fam­i­ly who loves eachother so much. I love imag­in­ing this fam­i­ly who admits to its flaws but still loves one anoth­er deeply. It makes me miss close parental love. The sound of the song also kin­da reminds me of an 80’s cartoon.

  10. dan­gos are dumplings.

    I find the song a bit irratat­ing, but look­ing at the lyrics and what the song is talk­ing about, it real­ly has quite deep yet sim­ple mean­ing. Not to men­tion that the video itself is super Kawaii!!!!

    I actu­al­ly found the sto­ry not all that sad, the movie (con­densed alter­nate re-telling) is much sad­der. And if u guys want a real­ly sad ani­me, then go watch AIR. If that does­n’t get you cry­ing, then watch Grave of the Fireflies.

  11. LOL I love this song… i usu­aly don’t lis­ten open­ings and end­ings but i this case i just cant resist… This song make me sad and hap­py at the same moment…

  12. I think it is sad because it is so happy.

    Every­one wish­es that their fam­i­ly was like the big dan­go fam­i­ly, full of love and kind­ness; but our lives are not and our fam­i­lies are not. That, how­ev­er; does not demean the desire for the ide­al fam­i­ly, it is a great goal, and so not hav­ing it is sad.

    It’s a great song and a great show toov:)

  13. after hav­ing a real­ly sad end­ing to each episode of the series, it cheers me up. i think its because the song reflects Nasi­ga’s way of things. But in the sec­ond series the after sto­ry, it brought so much sad­ness just hear­ing the song in reflec­tion to her. it would have been even hard­er that her daugh­ter was so much alike, and soon after her sto­ry end­ed too. the most touch­ing, lov­ing, sto­ry i have ever heard… its the rea­son i live to watch ani­me. I LOVE ANIME!!!!!
    its sad real­ly, when you think about it, how some­one could actu­al­ly be liv­ing like this right now. i want to hug and hold onto them for­ev­er so they will always have someone. (-+^.^)-+
    its prob­a­bly the rea­son i haven’t so love in so long too…
    i cant believe how scary life can be… just by liv­ing it.

  14. I love this song, even before the ani­me was aired, I heard it on the pilot trail­er, and I was in love with it, it so sim­ple and pure, and the mean­ings and feel­ings it car­ries are easy to under­stand, but as I reflect these ideals to the ones around me, I realise how lit­tle of the song is reflect­ed in the real­i­ty around me.

  15. even though iam still young
    it touch­es me !
    i like the song very very much
    even i get pret­ty sad of it like most of the people
    i realy would like to have in on my mp3 any­body could tel me where to down­load it 🙁 ?
    and as i dont get on this site very often maybe mail me 🙂 ?

    i would realy love u guys 😀

  16. Yeah! I always have tears in my eyes when­ev­er I lis­ten to the Dan­go song, too! To me I think it’s maybe because of my child­hood and when I was a tod­dler my favourite car­toons looked very much like that and in the sort of style of the Big Dan­go Fam­i­ly =D But yeah, this is also a sad Ani­me too, so maybe it’s because of that, also 🙂 xxxx

  17. Why does it seem like all this ani­me does is make me cry? I’m only on the 10th episode and I’ve already cried once(on account of Fuko, of course), and then I found amvs on YouTube and cried more.

    …And I just real­ized that I’ve been mak­ing dan­go with the Sculpey in my hand. =.=;;

  18. Clan­nad is the only ani­me to ever make me cry. I LOVE ANIME!!! But Clan­nad made me cry 4 times. I watched the end cred­its on almost every episode from the first sea­son, just because they are the best cred­its I’ve ever seen on an ani­me. If Clan­nad made you cry com­ment on this site.

  19. I could­n’t believe how many oth­er peo­ple actu­al­ly found this to be so touch­ing and tear jerk­ing! Here I was, watch­ing an ani­me out of a pass­ing fan­cy on Net­flix’s instant view and I was rather amused, but the moment that end­ing song played, I felt like I was punched in the gut. Per­haps it was the imagery of the grow­ing dan­go fam­i­ly and the sweet, melod­ic, sim­ple tune that grew (just like the fam­i­ly) in size and den­si­ty. This is an amaz­ing­ly potent cou­ple of min­utes and I feel like I could just lis­ten to it over and over, sit­ting on my couch cry­ing like a baby. Won­der­ful stuff.

  20. when i hear the song i think of Nag­isa and Ushio.…. it brings tears to my eyes this entire ani­me series left me as an emo­tion­al wreck.

  21. Eow, well, uhm..
    I don’t like Tomoya..
    but I like Nag­isa Furukawa..
    and of course I real­ly real­ly like
    Dan­go Daika­zoku.. >_<
    When I hear the song I think of the dan­go is real­ly big fam­i­ly and kawaiiii…
    heheh.. =D

    ,I think na parang gus­to kong sumali sa dan­go fam­i­ly eh. =)

  22. @All: Thanks for the ongo­ing com­ments. Love read­ing you guys’ thoughts on this end­ing theme. 😛 Still such a sad song to me. Nice to see this is get­ting more pop­u­lar than my Mako­to-From-School-Days-hate-post. xD

  23. i love watch­ing clannad.….plus i always look for­ward to the big dan­go fam­i­ly song(: sayanara

  24. I haven’t watched ani­me in a while, but Clan­nad ran­dom­ly appeared on my Net­flix Watch Instant­ly page, and now I can’t stop watch­ing it. It’s cute and fun­ny and sad and seri­ous all at the same time.

  25. I love Clan­nad and ran­dom­ly drew pics of the big dan­go fam­i­ly cuz they are all just sooo cute. I just start­ed watch­ing Clan­nad, off my wii, but i love it. Just fin­ished episode ten in the first volume

  26. I nev­er tast­ed dan­go so far but I will if I get the chance. Just fin­ished episode 1 — 24, it’s real­ly good. Remind­ed me a lot of PS2 game “Per­sona 3 and 4” just with­out demons.

  27. I LOVE CLANNAD! Tomya is so help­ful, nice, sen­si­tive and car­ing <3333 And at the same time he is SMOKING HOTT!!!!

  28. @CL912OMG same exact thing with me its on my net­flix and I can’t stop watch­ing it either! And yes, it is sad, hilar­i­ous, dra­mat­ic, fun, cute and seri­ous all at the same time!

  29. I love the dan­go ^^ i acc­tu­al­ly have a tat­too of them on my ankle =3 im the biggest fannn ever ^^

  30. What do the words actu­al­ly mean by chance? I tried Google Trans­late and it would­n’t even trans­late any­thing. Any­one know? I watched this show for the first time and when the end­ing song came on, my 9 months old son just start­ed smil­ing real­ly big and laugh­ing! Some­times I even rewind it back just so he can hear it again and I can see the huge smile 🙂

  31. Found it!
    Dan­go, dan­go, dan­go, dan­go, a big dan­go family
    The naughty fried dan­go, the kind red bean dango
    The Mid-Autumn Fes­ti­val dan­go that tends to dream a little
    The prim sesame dan­go, the four dan­go on a skewer
    Every­one, every­one comes togeth­er and it’s a fam­i­ly of 100s
    The baby dan­go is always with­in happiness
    The aged dan­go has its eyes narrowed
    The chum­my dan­go hold their hands togeth­er and make a big, round ring
    They build a town on the dan­go plan­et and every­one laughs together
    The rab­bit is try­ing to wave in the sky; the huge moon
    Is round­ing up every­thing, hap­py things and sad things, too

    Source: http://myanimelist.net/clubs.php?cid=3212

  32. I love the Big Dan­go fam­i­ly 😀 I made a whole fam­i­ly of Dan­go’s and so far i got a A for mak­ing them and the teacher thinks they are ever so cute! Lol i am a guy btw and yes ik i am a nerd haha­ha but still this is awe­some i love the Dan­go family 🙂

  33. @Ross: Noth­ing wrong for a guy to like cute stuff, like a girl being able to like badass man­ly things. 😛

  34. dude dan­gos are amaz­ing!!! the cutest lit­tle shits ever!! 🙂 i love dangos

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