Fuko reminds me alot of Ayu in many ways, although she seems to be bit too child­ish for a high school­er, don’t you think? Not that it’s a bad thing — I absolute­ly LOVE the “Doribu­ru… SHUUTO! YAY! *high five* *Hurt hand* *;___; Not hurt” ‑thing going for her. Moé? Check. But she seems to lack a lot around the, well… men­tal area for her own good.

Oh my god, I sense more down syndrome.

Run­ner-up-boy gets some major abuse this episode.

I don’t think he would.

Hope­ful­ly, that blow did the trick. 😛

Youhei Suno­hara — A slight­ly exag­ger­at­ed exam­ple of what would hap­pen if you ask a girl for a razor blade… Yeah.

So far, Nag­isa seems to be your typ­i­cal (or not-so-typ­i­cal, maybe… We all know some­thing weird’s a brewin’ in the back­ground) sick­ly char­ac­ter who has trou­ble get­ting along with peo­ple ever since all the peo­ple she knew grad­u­at­ed. But I guess it’s easy to tell that she’s strong in the inside (a fair­ly com­mon “poten­tial” in a phys­i­cal­ly weak char­ac­ter, if you will), and I bet we all believe Tomoya will give her the right push… if you will.

Uh… We believe you?

That’s it, I declare Akio Furukawa the most epic win in this series. Seems that some of the char­ac­ters in ani­me, which in my opin­ion are some of the coolest, seem to all be dads.

Pow­er to the dads…?

I smell a bar­beque this Thurs­day… LOL

Ugh, stu­dent coun­cils and their manda­to­ry fees… amirite?

I guess they for­got to approach them first before they decid­ed to start reviv­ing the The­ater Club, seems that Nag­isa’s in a pret­ty sticky sit­u­a­tion right now. Oh wait, don’t most Japan­ese schools require a cer­tain amount of mem­bers in order for a club to become, well, offi­cial? Maybe that’s the rea­son… 頑張れ, 古河 渚!

Oh, how I hate cliffhang­ers! I just hope that Nag­isa learns that moti­va­tion and knowl­edge of a Big Dan­go Fam­i­ly (^^;) isn’t enough to be the pres­i­dent of an act­ing club.

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