Minami-ke 01

Best slice-of-life ani­me this sea­son — no lies.

Unlike oth­er slice-of-life ani­me, this one leaves a big enough impres­sion of the series in the first episode, giv­ing us a lot of indi­ca­tion that the series will be full of win.

The Three Sisters

Kana Mina­mi

The mid­dle child. She’s the most ener­getic one, and pos­si­bly the most enter­tain­ing to watch, in my opin­ion. Being the ener­getic girl she is, she will most like­ly be a 100% tar­get for com­e­dy relief. Hidamari Sketch had Miyako, Lucky Star had Kona­ta… so I guess Mina­mi-ke has Kana!

Chi­a­ki Minami

The youngest sis­ter. Chi­ak­i’s a real­ly seri­ous and a lit­tle straight­for­ward lit­tle girl… and can come off as a lit­tle rude. Of course, she appar­ent­ly loves her old­est sis­ter, whom she refers to as “Haru­ka-neesan”. She’s not very, um… polite to her sec­ond-old­est sis­ter, Kana, though.

Haru­ka Minami

The old­est and most mature of the sib­lings. She appears to take on a moth­er­ly role in the series, tak­ing care of her younger sisters.

The Win

I don’t think it’s a mat­ter of whether kiss­ing is wrong or not… I think it’s the mat­ter of a lit­tle girl kiss­ing a pedo-teacher with a nymphet complex.

Of course…

Yo, Kana, that’s called incest ya’ know!

I just can’t get enough of Kana’s hyper antics! She def­i­nite­ly rivals live-action Minoru… Okay, maybe not so much. 😉

Most of us already know that nor­mal­ly-seri­ous female char­ac­ters need to have a cer­tain push in order for their doki­do­ki switch to acti­vate. For Chi­a­ki… it’s hot­cakes, I guess.

Let­ter of Challenge

I’m glad that mis­un­der­stand­ings like this don’t take place (hope­ful­ly) in real life… either that, or I’m screwed even more than I am now!

The Con­clu­sion
Two thumbs up. Excel­lent. Very hilar­i­ous and fun.

2 thoughts on “Minami-ke 01

  1. O the incest was awe­some lol, fun­ny how it end­ed with a punch ^^. Best Slice of Life of all time huh, well it’s hard to say for now, I’m going to have to keep watch­ing to see if that becomes true. I still have Azu­man­ga and ARIA at the top of the list but Mina­mi-ke is burst­ing its way up there ;p.

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