Happy Halloween!

Just got off my lazy ass and actu­al­ly post­ed some­thing on this blog… even though it does­n’t have any­thing to do with ani­me per se.

I just want­ed to wish all of you a Hap­py Hal­loween, and to have a safe night eat­ing your teeth-rot­ten­ing delights. Hal­loween must be like a  god to all you cos­play­ers out there… being able to, well, do your thing in pub­lic areas with­out get­ting wierd stares. 😛

4 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. Hap­py Hal­loween, though its already Novem­ber here lol. I know what you mean, I just did a short Hal­loween post just for the heck of it ^^. It’s fun­ny, in Japan where cos­play­ing is every­where but Hal­loween isn’t heav­i­ly cel­e­brat­ed. But every week­end in Japan is Hal­loween lol. I did see a few cos­play­ers at the Uni­ver­si­ty yes­ter­day though.

  2. Whoa nice image lol. Sad­ly we don’t cel­e­brate Hal­loween over here but fun­ny enough we always get those simp­sons spe­cials nevertheless.

  3. @AS: Ah, dif­fer­ent time zones ftw. ;_;
    @CCYoshi: That pic’s pret­ty cute. Saved to the hd. 😛
    @Toki­Do­ki: Ah, the Tree­house of Horrors! 😛

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