I almost forgot I had an anime blog. ( _| ̄|○ )

Anoth­er mouth-to-mouth resus­ci­ta­tion post. Oh great.

Yes, I real­ly did for­get I had an ani­me blog. I’ve been so focused on school work late­ly that it’s all I’ve been focus­ing on the last two months. Because I’m a per­fec­tion­ist like that.

Also, being in love with cute girl is cute.

But then it hit me! I had a blog that had become even more less than per­fect because of the recent scarce updates! That broke my spir­it great­ly, so I came back to the interwebz.

Along with my come­back, I’ve made two (MAJOR!!!) changes to the blog:

1) Wel­come Seiryuu! Lost My Music! (under request =]) to the blogroll! Which should­n’t be men­tioned in the first place oth­er than mak­ing this update seem big­ger (xD).

Big blogroll is big…

2) New ban­ner to reflect some hol­i­day spir­it (Christmas!Shana, illus­trat­ed by Noi­ji Itou, of course). What bet­ter day than today? It is, after all, Decem­ber 1.

Yes, I real­ize that I exag­ger­at­ed on the “major” part.

Wel­come me back or die.

10 thoughts on “I almost forgot I had an anime blog. ( _| ̄|○ )

  1. Fast Ori­on is fast!

    Dammit, I missed that post while I was under Hia­tus Disease. :<

    Vac­cine sure would’ve helped ear­li­er. D<

    Haha, I had 45 points yet I was able to recov­er from that coma, a mir­a­cle of mir­a­cles. Huzzah…

  2. lol, I kin­da get the same feel­ing some­time so I just update when­ev­er I feel like it which seems to grad­u­al­ly get less, but I gen­er­al­ly aim to have a min of 1 post every 2 weeks which isn’t much at all.

  3. Wel­come back. 😛 

    For me who feels that not post­ing once a week is a trav­es­ty, it’s good that you we’re able to sep­a­rate your­self from temp­ta­tion of the blog­ging kind, if only briefly. :3

  4. of course we wel­come u back! any­way thx for the add once again haha! don’t wor­ry about the traf­fic. the fact that u haven being mak­ing new entry for about 1 mth, and that i can still find your blog already shows how pop­u­lar your blog is. keep it up bro! =D

  5. @Toki­Do­ki: Post­ing once every two weeks seems like a good solu­tion when­ev­er I get bom­bard­ed by work. lol
    @The­BigN: Real life stress helped me hold back the temp­ta­tion quite a few. 😛
    @Seiryuu: No problem. (:

  6. Okaeri (wel­come back) ^^, haven’t seen you on the blog scene for a while lol. But real life issues come first so it’s understandable.

  7. @AS: Yeah, because when a real life issue comes up, I don’t feel that blog­ging is all that impor­tant any­more. =O But I guess that (hope­ful­ly) most of us are like that.

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