Shakugan no SHANA II Catchup

Well, since I haven’t been blog­ging in like, over a month — I could just skip over to the most recent episode I’ve watched… but it would­n’t feel com­plete. So, I’ve tak­en the easy way out (clump­ing them all togeth­er, except episode 8 — being the recent episode I’ve watched). I’ll do the same for CLANNAD some time lat­er. As for Mina­mi-ke… I for­got to watch it since episode 1 due to school work (which means I’ll blog it from episode 2 and onwards). But, onto business.

Episode 03 (疑惑の転校生) — I was right with my sus­pi­cions, Konoe was­n’t the real Hecate after all. The Tomog­a­ra in this episode was a com­plete joke, being used as a mere pawn by Shana in her plan to find who Konoe real­ly is and get­ting his butt chopped into pieces so easily.

Episode 04 — (憂いの少女達) — lawl super­size me. The love-square between Yuji/Shana/Kazumi/Konoe con­tin­ues. Which this episode is all focused on. Ugh, if this con­tin­ues, shoot me.

… If they turn Shana into a harem, then I’ll cas­trate myself. Well, at least the part with the ramen-eat­ing bat­tle and Shana fill­ing her­self with a jum­bo sun­dae amused me. The lat­ter mak­ing me real­ly happy.

Episode 05 (家族の食卓) — And it CONTINUES! I real­ly hope I can keep my man­hood in the end… When will this filler-fest end?! The Wilhelmina/Shana bond­ing scene was warm­heart­ed though, prob­a­bly the best part of the episode next to Alas­tor’s “I guess she did­n’t train turn­ing on the ven­ti­la­tion” comment.

Episode 06 (試練の前夜) — Well, at least the jeal­ousy-fest from the last two episodes might have end­ed after this. Most of us can relate to this episode’s mes­sage though, when in love — jeal­ousy’s the worst part of it all! But that just proves you real­ly do love that some­one and you’re seri­ous about it!

Excuse my corny out­burst there. 😛

Episode 07 (池速人、栄光の日) — Cool, an Ike-focused episode. A fun­ny one at that. Those are rare, in the sense that it nev­er hap­pened before. Despite the theme park-filled-joyride this episode brought us… noth­ing real­ly hap­pened in this episode.

And don’t say this episode devel­ops the Ike/Kazumi rela­tion­ship, all of that was just an illu­sion on his part. Of course, I guess that added fuel to the fire!

Well, the next episode actu­al­ly has some­thing to do with the sto­ry­line. Final­ly, after a long peri­od of filler with absolute­ly no action and noth­ing per­tain­ing to the plot (the love-square does­n’t count, because it was­n’t sup­posed to hap­pen in the first place), we final­ly get some of that with an episode focus­ing on Margery Daw’s past. Hope­ful­ly, after that, the ani­me will get back on track! I hon­est­ly don’t want anoth­er Zero no Tsukaima: Futat­su­ki no Kishi on our hands. (:

6 thoughts on “Shakugan no SHANA II Catchup

  1. About Konoe and Hecate, I think the pop­u­lar the­o­ry is that Konoe real­ly IS Hecate, she just does­n’t know it. Like some­thing’s keep­ing her dor­mant, or what­ev­er. I don’t real­ly know, all I watched before this was the Shana movie, so I’m not 100% famil­iar with Hecate. XD

    And since I’m too lazy to say it on your oth­er post…good to have you back. 😀

  2. @CCYoshi: Hmm, I’m think­ing out­side the box and think­ing that she might be Phe­les (the green-haired girl in the open­ing), see­ing as some­one who looks like Konoe is stand­ing right behind her in that spon­sor-image thingy after the opening…

    Thanks for the wel­come-back btw. 😛

  3. i love watch­ing shaku­gan no shana!!
    it is so nice and i love their adven­ture of yuji sakay!!
    i love her hair!!!
    lit­tle but terrible!!!nice!!!

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