Tsubasa ‑RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE- Tokyo Revelations 01

FINALLY! I’ve been wait­ing for this ever since it was announced. After the sham which was the Tsub­asa Chron­i­cle sec­ond sea­son, I’m glad to say that these OVAs are giv­ing the man­ga series some justice.

Rather than start­ing off where the ani­me end­ed, the Tokyo Rev­e­la­tions OVA starts off right after Fay used his whistling mag­ic to escape from the coun­try of Record… Basi­cal­ly, it’s like the ani­me — only it fol­lows the man­ga very, very close­ly. Which means it’s very, very good.

Now that Bee­Train is out of the pic­ture and Pro­duc­tion I.G. is doing the ani­ma­tion, it looks pret­ty nice com­pared to the crap we got dur­ing the sec­ond sea­son in the ani­me. Plus, the sto­ry­line isn’t chopped into a mil­lion pieces. The voice cast is still the same though, which isn’t a bad thing.


Yuki Kajiu­ra is still the music com­pos­er, so the sound­track is still pret­ty kick­ass. I absolute­ly love the open­ing [OP] to this, Yui Maki­no’s voice (Saku­ra) is so darn cute!

IS THAT SYAORAN?! Get ready for a plot twist. (;

Thumbs up to Pro­duc­tion I.G. and CLAMP. (:

5 thoughts on “Tsubasa ‑RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE- Tokyo Revelations 01

  1. 2 thumbs up for Tsub­asa Tokyo Revelations!! 

    I love the open­ing too. Can’t wait for the next episode. Too bad it comes on January.

    I think that it would have been a bet­ter idea if Pro­du­crion I.G. had done Tsub­asa instead of Bee Train because Bee Train mess it all up in the sec­ond sea­son, just because there was blood and it was more vio­lent if they had stuck to the manga.

    I read over at words of songs (http://atashi.wordpress.com/) that they change the open­ing of the sec­ond season.
    It should have been this one.

    I real­ly hope that Pro­duc­tion I.G. fin­ish­es Tsub­asa to the end. There has been no announc­ment, but would­n’t it been awesome!!

    Tsub­asa FTW!!

  2. @cho­cho: Yeah, Bee­Train did good at the begin­ning (the first sea­son), but they real­ly messed up dur­ing the sec­ond sea­son. 🙁 Picked a real­ly bad chan­nel to broad­cast this kind of ani­me too. A shame, because the orig­i­nal plan for the sec­ond sea­son seemed pret­ty good. I real­ly hope that Pro­duc­tion I.G. adapts Tsub­asa to the end too, through Orig­nal Video releas­es or some­thing. I have a lot of faith in them — the antic­i­pa­tion’s high, because each release has like… a one month gap. 😯

  3. aww, I was hop­ing for anoth­er actu­al sea­son, a few ovas just dont cut it. Hope­ful­ly they will make anoth­er sea­son at the very least, also from the screen­shots the ani­ma­tion looks quite dif­fer­ent. The ani­ma­tion does look bet­ter but I’ve kind of got­ten used to the ani­ma­tion in the pre­vi­ous seasons.

  4. @Toki­Do­ki: Well, CLAMP has sev­ered the con­tract with Bee­Train for them to make anoth­er full sea­son, so it’s unlike­ly. It gets pret­ty bloody at this point in the man­ga too… a lit­tle too bloody for it to be broad­cast­ed on a chan­nel like NHK. ): And if they remove it, fan reac­tion won;t be so good and CLAMP won’t like it — plus, the whole rea­son they broke the con­tract was because the sec­ond sea­son strayed away from the sto­ry­line way too much. CLAMP real­ly loves their works so I don’t think they’ll take a risk at let­ting them con­tin­ue to pro­duce more seasons.

  5. i did think that Bee­Train did o.k. for the sec­ond season,but i sup­pose thats cos i dont read the man­ga much.i was hop­ing for anoth­er sea­son instead of an OVA, but its prob­a­bly o.k. like this.whats the name of the OVA’s open­ing and clos­ing theme?i real­ly liked those songs.

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