Shakugan no SHANA II — 09

Well, Yuri died. A shame too, I thought he was a lik­able char­ac­ter, in a sense that he was real­ly one of the only Flame Haze that fought (… uh, had a fight) for the sake of humanity.

And wow, I must say that Margery’s flash­backs of the Sil­ver Tomog­a­ra were pret­ty savage.

Yuji con­jurs up a sil­ver (Hmm… Hmm­m­mm… *cough* *cough*) Fuzetsu… Interesting.

Nice, first episode in a while that made me wet my pants in excite­ment. It seems Yuji’s father returns next episode (I DON’T CONSIDER THIS A SPOILER BECAUSE IT’S FILLED WITH OBVIOUSNESS FOLKS), so I’m thank­ful that this might mean that there’ll be less focus of the Yuji/Shana/Kazumi/Konoe love-square dur­ing this period.

4 thoughts on “Shakugan no SHANA II — 09

  1. Of course they make the char­ac­ters that are bound to die (Hey, here’s a guy in a flash­back that’s not in the present. Hmm, I won­der why…) the lik­able ones. But I’m a suck­er for self­less char­ac­ters. >_>

    Per­son­al­ly I thought I liked the love poly­gon (at least, rel­a­tive to oth­er peo­ple), but this episode blew even the Ike episode out of the water. Poor Ike. 

    And I love being a noob to the Shana series. Yuu­ji’s father? Sil­ver? Margery flash­back? It’s all WTF to me. XD

  2. @Ori­on: Noob Flame Haze is noob. T_T
    @CCYoshi: Well, in the begin­ning I liked it. But then the love poly­gon was stretched out quite a few episodes… it seemed to take away and shove the oth­er things that were real­ly impor­tant to the series into the back­ground, it seemed like Shana turned into anoth­er typ­i­cal school love sto­ry. So yeah. o_O

  3. Ahh­h­h­hh, the lov­able char­ac­ter that dies lol. Pro­tect­ing oth­ers, quite the hero­ic mot­to, sad­ly that mot­to does­n’t exist in the world of Shana. I nev­er noticed your shana-ism tag before lol, very nice.

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