Tsubasa-RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE- (Celes Arc; Chapters 154–166)

Dur­ing the search for Saku­ra’s body (which was sep­a­rat­ed from her soul in chap­ter 149), we final­ly find out the truth about Fay’s past.

And I must say, Fay’s past has got to be one of the most grue­some ori­gins out of all the char­ac­ters in Tsubasa.

Fay isn’t real­ly Fay. His real name is Yuui, and the name Fay belonged to his twin broth­er, who was killed long ago.

He and his broth­er were the twin sons of the sec­ond prince of Vale­ria. How­ev­er, in that coun­try, twins were con­sid­ered a bad omen. The crops in that coun­try died, there was a drought, and even­tu­al­ly even their par­ents died — all the blame was put onto them. The emper­or (fear­ing the bad luck those two seem­ing­ly brought, the pow­er­ful mag­ic that would sur­pass his own if the two were to com­bine, and the bad luck that was to come if they were to be killed) exiled them to a val­ley where mag­ic was inef­fec­tive and time does not flow; where the bod­ies of sin­ners were put in place of a prop­er grave… they would live there, sep­a­rate from one anoth­er, until the destruc­tion of the world. He thought that if they were to live a tor­ture of a life, then the world would be happy.

How­ev­er, as the num­ber of dead bod­ies dumped there began to grow, Yuui tried end­less­ly to climb up the tow­er so that they both would be free and escape to anoth­er coun­try. But, as the num­ber of dead bod­ies grew, Yuui start­ed to notice that even the chil­dren and elder­ly were dumped there after being killed, not wear­ing the clothes sin­ners were usu­al­ly allowed to wear. He finds out the king of Vale­ria had grown insane and begun to slaugh­ter the whole pop­u­la­tion. Dump­ing even his own body in the val­ley, he com­mits sui­cide right in front of Yuui (with Fay watch­ing from above) say­ing that they will be the only ones to live in that world, as pun­ish­ment for their sins. Yuui has a break­down, and starts ques­tion­ing him­self out loud if just liv­ing is a sin.

Fei Wong Reed inter­venes, giv­ing them a chance to escape. How­ev­er, only one of them would be able to escape, and both of them had to choose. Fay choos­es Yuui, being thrown off the tow­er to his death. the evil bas­tard (Fei Wong Reed) alters Yuui’s mem­o­ry, to make him think that he chose him­self over his own broth­er and uses Yuui’s guilt to fur­ther serve his own inten­tions — being that in exchange for reviv­ing his broth­er, he would allow Fei Wong Reed to put two curs­es on him (one being erased from Yuui’s mem­o­ry, furthur serv­ing his own plans) — the first, being to kill any­one who has greater magi­cial pow­er than him­self… and the sec­ond, ebing hat if he isn’t the one to kill King Ashu­ra, then the coun­try of Celes will be closed up.

After that, Fei Wong Reed told Yuui what he should do from then on. He tells Yuui to wait for some­one from anoth­er world to take him away from the val­ley, and lat­er going on a jour­ney with a clone that he had cre­at­ed (Syao­ran, the one we see at the begin­ning of Tsub­asa all the way until the Acid Tokyo arc) and a princess from Clow Coun­try, pro­tect­ing the princess until she returned to Clow Coun­try and to kill any osta­cles along the way (Kuro­gane). He alsos tells Yui that he will find a mag­ic feath­er that he should put into fay’s body so it would­n’t rot and when he found his sec­ond feath­er, he should begin his jour­ney and give it to Saku­ra upon their meet­ing in order to keep her from dying ear­ly on (the one that he gives Syao­ran in the begin­ning was­n’t found “stuck to his cloth­ing”, Fay… Uh, Yuui had it all along). Before Fei Wong Reed left, he reminds Yuui that he’s his pawn until his wish is full­filled and his two curs­es are lifted.

Once the per­son from anoth­er world (Ashu­ra) came to pick Yuui up, he asks what his name is. Yuui says his name is “Fay” in an attempt to erase him­self and his sins. And then… ugh, I’m get­ting tired. I’ll leave the rest to WikiPedia (>_>):

Ashu­ra lat­er gave Fay the last name “Flourite”, the name of a pre­cious tal­is­man min­er­al, and he even­tu­al­ly earned the title ‘D’, giv­en to the high­est magi­cian in Celes. And thus, Yuui became the pro­tag­o­nist “Fay D. Flourite”. He found his two feath­ers while help­ing vil­lagers dur­ing an avalanche, and decid­ed to use one to cre­ate a per­son in his moth­er’s image who would watch over his broth­er’s body even if he was not there, lead­ing to the cre­ation of Chii. Soon after meet­ing Ashu­ra, he vowed that he would do what­ev­er it took to bring his broth­er back to life, no mat­ter whose life he had to steal in the process.

As time went by, Ashu­ra became a father fig­ure to Fay, tutor­ing him in mag­ic and com­fort­ing him when­ev­er he felt unable to over­come his dark past. When Fay dis­cov­ered that he was unable to learn heal­ing mag­ic, and could only learn “mag­ic that kills peo­ple”, Ashu­ra told him that his smile was mag­ic in itself, because it too held the abil­i­ty to heal oth­ers. Fay would lat­er relay the same words to Saku­ra when she felt unable to be of use to Syao­ran. In exchange for every­thing that he had done for him, Ashu­ra asked Fay to promise that he would elim­i­nate any­one who threat­ened Celes.

Know­ing about Fay’s first curse, and not being able to break it, Ashu­ra traced a mag­i­cal seal on his body in the form of a Phoenix tat­too, which sup­pressed his pow­ers from grow­ing any fur­ther. When Fay protest­ed, know­ing that the curse would be more dif­fi­cult to ful­fill if his pow­ers con­tin­ued grow­ing, Ashu­ra told him that Fay’s first curse would break after it was ful­filled once, and he want­ed to be the one that Fay would kill. Ashu­ra then erased what he’d told him from Fay’s memory.

Sev­er­al years after Fay made his promise to Ashu­ra, a mys­te­ri­ous and dead­ly mon­ster began to attack and kill Celes’s inno­cent civil­ians. Fay swore to defeat the beast, but found out that Ashu­ra was the mon­ster after he killed every sin­gle per­son in his cas­tle and all the civil­ians had fled to oth­er coun­tries. Remem­ber­ing how the King of Vale­ria had gone mad and exe­cut­ed every­one in the coun­try, Fay at first blamed him­self for what hap­pened to Ashu­ra, think­ing that “the curse of the twins” was what had caused Ashu­ra to kill. Then, Ashu­ra told him that the more peo­ple he kills, the stronger his mag­ic becomes, and he always knew that he’d some­day become a mur­der­er, even though he was­n’t sure why. Fay real­ized that Ashu­ra had brought him under his care for the sole pur­pose of killing him when he reached this state. Unable to bring him­self to kill the first per­son who’d ever shown him kind­ness, Fay cast a spell on Ashu­ra which put him into a deep sleep, but since no mag­ic spell was per­ma­nent, the king would even­tu­al­ly awak­en. In a des­per­ate attempt to avoid hav­ing to face Ashu­ra when he woke, Fay then used his mag­ic to tele­port him­self to the Dimen­sion­al Witch, where he began his jour­ney through dif­fer­ent worlds with Syao­ran, Saku­ra, Kuro­gane, and Mokona.

The out­come of this arc was pret­ty intense. It seems that Ashu­ra tried to lift Fay’s curse all along… How­ev­er, Kuro­gane is the one that kills Ashu­ra, result­ing in the world clos­ing up. Fay, being the one that cast­ed the spell, could­n’t escape. Dur­ing this, Kuro­gane chopped his arm off in exchange for Fay’s body so they could escape to the next world. Over­all, pret­ty intense sto­ry arc.

Also, I think this is the first arc where Real!Syaoran uses “FUUKA SHOURAI!!!”. Total­ly reeks of badass.

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  1. This sto­ry about Fay is real­ly touch­ing. I love the way this sto­ry is struc­tured pre­sent­ed and put out! Its real­ly easy to fol­low but not an easy sto­ry at all!

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