Tsubasa-RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE- Chapters 174–175

Final­ly… Real!Syaoran enters the dream world using Seishirō’s real­i­ty-alter­ing feath­er to recov­er Saku­ra’s soul (and we find out that Seishirō was going to give Syao­ran the feath­er any­way and was just mess­ing with him lol). How­ev­er, Clone!Syaoran warps into that dimen­sion too (and as he was enter­ing the dream world, Watanu­ki, in yet anoth­er short con­nec­tion to ×××Holic, dis­ap­pears from it) and demands Real!Syaoran to hand over the feath­er to him.

After a tremen­dous bat­tle… Real!Syaoran is now in flames and is on the verge of death (;;), with Saku­ra yelling “SYAORAN!!!” (notice the lack of suf­fix? T_T *is a Clone!SyaoranxSakura fan*).

At first glance, it seems Clone!Syaoran def­i­nite­ly has no hopes of return­ing to the way he was before the seal on his right eye was bro­ken after this stunt (;;) . How­ev­er… (SPOILERS AHEAD)


Seems that in chap­ter 176, Real!Syaoran is com­plete­ly immo­bi­lized after hav­ing his Raitei Shorai back­fire on him (that’s def­i­nite­ly going to hurt in the morn­ing…), leav­ing Saku­ra’s soul wide-open to kill. Fei Wong Reed orders Clone!Syaoran to kill Saku­ra’s soul, since he needs only the body’s mem­o­ries of the var­i­ous worlds, leav­ing the soul utter­ly use­less in his plan (which, in recent chap­ters, has been revealed that it has some­thing to do with reviv­ing someone).

BUT 0MG PL0T TwI5T0r????!1111

Clone!Syaoran is on the verge of chop­ping Saku­ra into var­i­ous pieces… how­ev­er, he finds that he can’t move his body any fur­ther — he can’t find him­self hav­ing the strength to go through with it and he won­ders, “Why won’t I move?”. And then we see Yuuko say­ing “Even if the heart for­gets, there are also things that the body remembers.”

Know­ing this, I absolute­ly can’t wait for chap­ter 176. Curse you CLAMP and your plot twists (of course, I should have saw it com­ing in the first place see­ing as how they were bab­bling about the “body’s mem­o­ries” for quite some time after Saku­ra’s soul sep­a­rat­ed from her body). I have hope for Clone!Syaoran, I real­ly do. Espe­cial­ly since we see Syao­ran in his orig­i­nal attire with the gog­gles and what­not with Saku­ra in that glass-tube-thingy at the very begin­ning of the man­ga (and anime)…

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