Shakugan no SHANA II — 10

Kham­sin is back! Nice to see him after being MIA from SHANA II up until now.

Some­how, I found the scenes he was in (which was how many? Two?) the only scenes that I deemed to have good ani­ma­tion. Talk about a step down in ani­ma­tion, J.C.Staff…

So… If I heard right, Yuji’s father creeps on girls in a stalk­er-like fash­ion as a prank when­ev­er he comes home from his trav­els? And he does it ASHOBBY?!

Seri­ous­ly though, the guy just stood here the whole day instead of just knock­ing on the door and say­ing hel­lo, just to get his kicks?

… I think I’m start­ing to like this guy.

A ques­tion to all the maid­ens (who actu­al­ly read my blog) out there: is it real­ly a good idea to kick your boyfriend’s dad in the face after you just met him?

Then again, the guy was stalk­ing ESCORTING you home from behind…

MORE CLOSEUPS OF THE BRACELETS??!!!! This is total­ly not fore­shad­ow­ing some­thing strange about Konoe and her but­ler. They’re just filler, I tell you… FILLER!

Any­way, I’m glad that the show is start­ing to get a move on… some­what. Less focus on the Yuji/Shana/Kazumi/Konoe ORGY and more nov­el stuffz. Of course, Shana and Kazu­mi get­ting that cliché pep talk was sort of… um, yeah. I should’ve saw that com­ing. Although it’s nice to know that they won’t get jeal­ous when Yuji does the lit­tlest of things. Like suck on a straw. ADULTERY!

Next episode, Yuji finds out about the ori­gin of the Rei­ji Mai­go from Wil­helmi­na — Phe­les, and her lover, who cre­at­ed it — Johan. And, hope­ful­ly, we’ll final­ly get a “URUSAI URUSAI URUSAI!” from Shana since like, what? The first episode this sea­son? (T_T)

2 thoughts on “Shakugan no SHANA II — 10

  1. Some “URUSAI URUSAI URUSAI!”would be nice lol. After all, some of us are just here for Shana, for we are devout Shanaist. If I were a girl, I would do as Shana did and kick some stalk­er a$$. Yuji’s dad has quite the hob­by and the mom does­n’t mind but is annoyed, what an inter­est­ing relationship ^^.

  2. @AS: LOL A girl’s impres­sion of the dad ain’t so nice but the dad’s impres­sion of the girl is, well… “DON’T MESS WITH MY SON’S WIFE” xD

    I bet Kan­tarou learned his les­son that night from Chigusa. 😉
    … Man, we need moar triple uru­sai from Shana this sea­son or it’s just not the same. T_T

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