Gyakuten Saiban Anime — Any Objections?

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I remem­bered that old pro­mo­tion­al video for the release of Gyakuten Saiban Yomi­gaeru Gyakuten (the remake of Gyakuten Saiban 1 for the DS in Japan, and the first Phoenix Wright game released for Eng­lish-speak­ing audi­ences). The FUNNIEST thing ever. What peo­ple liked about that pro­mo was its wit­ty (almost par­o­dy-like to the fran­chise) script — mak­ing it a very good pro­mo for a video game. But what made it unique to PW fans — some­thing that’s absent from the actu­al game (besides the non-mur­der case) — was real­ly the voice act­ing.

When I first saw this pro­mo, the chem­istry of the voice cast was real­ly superb… and then I began think­ing: “What if there was an ani­me adap­tion of Phoenix Wright?”

Absolutely. Delicious.

Now, if Cap­com (of Japan or oth­er­wise) was­n’t so cheap and actu­al­ly hired seiyuu/voice actors for the game, then that would be twice as awe­some as hav­ing an ani­me adap­tion of it. Nev­er­the­less, being in love with the Ace Attor­ney series, I would absolute­ly like to see an ani­me adap­tion of the series either way. The sto­ry­line is very well-built, most (if not ALL) of the char­ac­ters are very lik­able and unique that you’d feel attached to them (even the not-so-very-impor­tant side-char­ac­ters are mem­o­rable!), and… the very thought of an ani­me adap­tion of the Ace Attor­ney is awe­some. Just imag­ine… an ani­me about lawyers who lit­er­al­ly have ver­bal rum­bles in court filled with epic­ness. You can’t get any more unique than that… it would pos­si­bly be the BEST visu­al nov­el adap­tion of all time.


I would list some seiyuu that I per­son­al­ly would like to por­tray the char­ac­ters… but I felt that most of the voic­es in the pro­mo were all per­fect match­es with the char­ac­ters they were play­ing. The prob­lem is: I don’t know who’s voic­ing them. Ugh. (Although The Judge isn’t that big of a prob­lem to choose, giv­en that you can find that typ­i­cal “old man” voice almost any­where). For some char­ac­ters that WEREN’T in the pro­mo, I would say:

Pearl Fey/Harumi AyasatoKaori Fukuhara
Mia Fey/Chihiro AyasatoMayu­mi Iizu­ka (Clos­est voice I can find that match­es her Japan­ese voice clips)
Man­fred von Karma/Go Karu­maKazuhi­ro Nakata
Franziska von Karma/Mei Karu­maSanae Kobayashi
GodotTet­su Inada

This would the per­fect voice cast for Gyakuten Saiban 4 — onward. Naruhodo’s voice sounds absolute­ly badass and… legendary.

How the episodes will go… I’d like it if the Phoenix Wright/Ryuichi Naruho­do tril­o­gy would be com­bined into an ani­me series of its own… about 52 episodes would be enough for that (the bonus case in the first DS game would be an OVA series). And then the new Apol­lo Justice/Housuke Odor­o­ki tril­o­gy (or what­ev­er num­ber of games his sto­ry will be in) would be sort of a “sequel” (maybe it’d be titled… “Gyakuten Saiban II”?).

As for who I want it to be pro­duced by, it should be giv­en to an ani­ma­tion and pro­duc­tion com­pa­ny that knows what they’re doing. If han­dled cor­rect­ly, we would have an ani­me adap­tion that rivals O‑HARUHI-SAMA. If han­dled like crap, we would have anoth­er bad game-to-ani­me tran­si­tion much like Dis­gaea and, of course (which goes with­out say­ing), Poké­mon.

(In terms of ani­ma­tion, I’d like to see it being han­dled by BONES)

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17 thoughts on “Gyakuten Saiban Anime — Any Objections?

  1. That par­o­dy pro­mo was quite funny…but dont tell me they actu­al­ly have 9‑minutes ad-clips on Japan TV ? Thats a little…too far.

    Also, the voic­es were pret­ty mis­cast­ed and…whats the word…indifferent, unengaging.

    As for the ani­me, you just KNOW they will screw it up. There’ll be fillers about Naru search­ing for match­ing socks all day, or some­thing com­pa­ra­bly crappy. 

    And one more thing, com­pared to ani­me series like Detec­tive Acad­e­my & Detec­tive Conan, where only the crimes are rather improb­a­ble — the Gyakuten games have quite screw-loosed log­ic all around the place.

  2. @Kar­ry: It’s actu­al­ly a pro­mo from TGS (Tokyo Games Show).

    IMO, the only REAL bull­shit case in the Gyakuten Saiban games was the third case in the sec­ond game. The cape just HAPPENED to snag on the stat­ue? What a bad rea­son to be framed for mur­der — it’s like it nev­er should’ve happened.

    If a good com­pa­ny did a Gyakuten Saiban ani­me (again: like BONES, for instance), then there would prob­a­bly be lit­tle fillers, if at all (and some may be good). If a com­pa­ny was to screw it up with crap­py fillers, then I’d cry my hearts out since that was­n’t need­ed in the first place. 

  3. I recent­ly fin­ished the first of the phoenix wright series on the ds and I got­ta say the game is awe­some. Yes, there should be a ani­me based on this game as the games sto­ry is what makes it so great. They could have just made it so that each case was sep­a­rate but instead as you play through the game you learn about the char­ac­ters’ pasts as each case is some­how relat­ed to the pre­vi­ous ones. The sto­ry keeps you in sus­pense and want­i­ng to know more, a great game that would make a great ani­mat­ed series.

  4. OBJECTION!!! Turn­ing this game into an ani­me would make it.… far too pop­u­lar XD

    I’m all for a Phoenix Wright anime!

  5. Okaaaay this is as much as I could find out about who pro­vid­ed the voiceovers for the the Gyakuten Saiban pro­mos released thus far:

    Ryuichi Naruho­do: Takayu­ki Kondou
    Rei­ji Mit­su­ru­gi: Eiji Takemoto
    Housuke Odor­o­ki: KENN
    Kir­i­hi­to Garyu: Ken­jirou Tsuda

    Yup, only four, ahah! Ahahahahah!

    In the games, tho, they voic­es are most­ly pro­vid­ed by the game mak­ers them­selves (the direc­tor (Taku­mi Shuu)=Naruhodo, the movie design­er = Odor­o­ki and some less­er known seiyuu and out­side peo­ple I think may be friends of the staff. Haha… -.-;;

    Also, I agree. I think this would make a great anime. =)

  6. Phoenix = Jun Fukuyama
    Maya = Yukana
    Pearl = Rie Kugimiya
    Mie = Ami Koshimizu
    The Judge = Norio Wakamoto
    Dahlia H = Mai Naka­hara “Uso da! Kana Kana?”

  7. OBJCTION!!!or HOLD IT!!!

    The thing is, They just don’t have enough episodes for it. there are only few cas­es on it. You see..

    Ace Attor­ney 1= 5 cases
    Ace Attor­ney 2= 4 cases
    Ace Attor­ney 3= 5 cases

    Those are for Phoenix Wright only unless if you’ll include the MANGA series.

    Apol­lo Jus­tice has 4 cases
    Miles Edge­worth has 10 cases.

    So in con­clu­sion, Lack of cas­es may be a prob­lem but CAPCOM might just need more time to make some new cas­es. But I still want an ANIME SERIES. That is all, Your Honor.

  8. Ani­me series don’t always have hun­dreds of episodes… just look at every sea­son­al show out there. Even then, the fact that most of the cas­es would prob­a­bly be fit­ted into 2–3 episodes already gives the idea of a Ace Attor­ney ani­me a suf­fi­cient amount of episodes to be con­sid­ered standard.

  9. OBJECTION!!!! (to the 2nd above me)

    Each case take me at least 2 days (except for the tuto­ri­als) so if we think that you can intro­duce the begin­ning of the case (also call 1st inves­ti­ga­tion) has 1 episode, the first tri­al and the start of the sec­ond inves­ti­ga­tion has anoth­er episode(so end up 2 or 3 episode each), you can eas­i­ly make 20 episode only for Ace Attorney. 

    FIY: Most of the best ani­me I watch we’re only 20 episode long. Have a nice day all.

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