Shakugan no SHANA II — 11

Dramatic moons make EVERYTHING BETTER!!! T_T

The prepa­ra­tions for the Seishuu Fes­ti­vals begins, along with Wil­helmi­na’s return to Mis­a­ki City, reveal­ing Yuji’s inevitable fate: the cre­ator of the Rei­ji Mai­go is stll alive, and being the memen­to of her lover… The Beau­ti­ful Whim, Phe­les will soon appear to take it back.

Wil­helmi­na also fins out about Yuji’s sil­ver flame. How­ev­er, it seems that The Sil­ver has noth­ing to do his cur­rent predicament…

10 EPISODES AND STILL NO URUSAI. Well, at least we get to see some fanser­vice. Noth­ing bet­ter than some DFC grop­ing. 8D

We’re slow­ly get­ting clos­er and clos­er to the more bet­ter parts of Shana in this series… hope­ful­ly (in the case of the ani­me). And they bet­ter be ani­mat­ed good! I’m slow­ly start­ing to notice the increase in bad­ly drawn faces as the episodes go by this sea­son — when I saw the GOOD ani­ma­tion dur­ing the brief flash­backs to the first series in this episode, I lit­er­al­ly start­ed to cry. Get your act togeth­er, ani­ma­tion people!

(Heh, Ike gets abused in this episode. Actu­al­ly, he gets abused a lot. Poor Ike. ^^;;)

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  1. Ike being abused, price­less. Just as he was about to go home he gets dragged away lol. Mer­ry Christ­mas to you xXMikotoNakadaiXx ^^.

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