back from holiday blog-procrastionation trip

Mer­ry (Belat­ed) Christ­mas to you guys. Hope you had a good one.

I was busy being lazy (note: oxy­morons make me sound like a retard), play­ing with my new Lumi­nous Arc game — one of my Christ­mas presents. It’s pret­ty addict­ing, con­sid­er­ing it’s one of the Nin­ten­do DS’s only decent Tac­ti­cal RPG games — a genre of RPG games that I just hap­pen to be a fan of.

But the real rea­son for it keep­ing me away from my blog is LUCIA THE MOST AWESOMEST WITCH EVER (note: Using the pseu­do-word “awe­somest” make me sound like a retard).


Aside from the heal­ers abus­ing lev­el-ups and the bug­gy touch­screen inter­face (hon­est­ly, I feel that when­ev­er I choose the high­est choice, it always choos­es the far bot­tom one…), I’m lovin’ this game. My only real gripe with it is that they did­n’t include the Japan­ese voic­es in it (yes, it’s ALMOST ful­ly-voiced — anoth­er plus — but a down­side to it is that the dubbed voic­es may not be weaboo-friend­ly). For you Haruhi fans and annoy­ing Aya Hira­no fan­boys, Lucia is voiced by Aya Hira­no in the Japan­ese ver­sion… which isn’t includ­ed in the local­ized ver­sion, so you’d prob­a­bly haet the shi­et out of this game.

It’s not full of as much win com­pared to Dis­gaea (if you take out Lucia >=3) by any means, but nev­er­the­less it’s addict­ing enough for me to neglect my blog pur­pose­ly. =D

(P.S. I added a spoil­er tag plu­g­in, so peo­ple don’t go mide­viel on me when I write some­thing they could’ve eas­i­ly avoided)

4 thoughts on “back from holiday blog-procrastionation trip

  1. Wel­come back, I too am a bit lazier due to my cur­rent need to play games and fin­ish it before school starts again lol.

  2. @AS: I get what you’re say­ing. School scram­bles EVERY­ONE’s sched­ules, even when you’re not going to it. >=(

  3. You post actu­al­ly remind­ed me that I have Dis­gaea 1 and 2 lying around and already catch­ing the dust… bought them over a month ago and I still haven’t played any of them T_T

    Also, Lucia indeed is hawt :3 Makes me wan­na play Lumi­nous Arc. But there­fore I need a DS… per­haps I can find emu­la­tor + game some­where XD

  4. @nat­suneko: H‑HAVEN’T PLAYED WITH THEM YET?! Sin!
    lol Prob­a­bly hard to find a ROM of the game con­sid­er­ing it’s licensed. Although,the local­ized ver­sion not includ­ing the Japan­ese voic­es may have cre­at­ed some… rebels that made a ROM that has the Japan­ese voic­es + local­ized trans­la­tion. xD
    I heard some elit­ists hat­ed the dubbed voic­es so much they actu­al­ly hacked into the game and did just that. o_O xD

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