Shakugan no SHANA II — 12

REJOICE! After going through all those, which goes with­out say­ing, mediocre episodes, we’re final­ly get­ting to the meat of the series. PHELES APPEARS!


She’s gonna do it?! She’s gonna do it…!

Aw, crap. Ran­dom tor­na­do-induc­ing mag­ic cir­cles ruin everything.

If you actu­al­ly did­n’t see that com­ing, I laugh at you. Big con­fes­sion build-up –> Shana say­ing “Yuji, I-” –> Inter­rup­tion (in this case, tor­na­do-induced mag­ic cir­cle). Oh well, that’s the Shana we all know and love (they’ll con­fess soon­er or lat­er, anyway).

Poor Yoshi­da. So many signs that she’ll lose out to Shana, no mat­ter how much she’s under the delu­sion that Yuji has feel­ings for her too.

And I can’t blame him. Shana’s (ABSOLUTELY CUTE) Dorothy cos­play »»»»> Yoshi­da’s Cin­derel­la cosplay.

I real­ly enjoyed Yuji’s deep OMG I WANT TO BANG IT-stare at Shana, much bet­ter than the utter­ly dense retard that Shaku­gan no SHANA II’s been por­tray­ing him recent­ly (trust me, Novel!Yuji, and the Yuji of sea­son 1, weren’t that clue­less of what was going on around them).

Looks like it’s going to be an intense bat­tle between Phe­les and Shana. See the pic­ture above? She looks like she’s about to kill someone…

More Ike abuse? I feel sor­ry for the guy. I hope they give him at least one notable scene this sea­son that DOESN’T make him look like a com­plete and oth­er fool, con­sid­er­ing the fact that he’ll even­tu­al­ly disappear.

Use­less Ran­dom Thoughts



5 thoughts on “Shakugan no SHANA II — 12

  1. If there was a con­fes­sion, it would be the most epic reverse shark jump of the year. If they stick to canon from here on out…well… >_>

  2. @Ori­on: If they jumped the shark then I would seri­ous­ly slit my throat then and there, or attempt to hang myself like Zetsubou-sensei.

  3. Actu­al­ly, a ‘reverse shark jump’ is when some­thing goes from medicore to awe­some, isn’t it?

    Late com­ment because I’m just catch­ing up with Shana II (due to medioc­re­ness and what­not), and I would agree that 1) it would be great if Shana con­fessed, but 2) … no way in hell.

    Makes me feel like I’m back in the sec­ond half of Card­cap­tor Saku­ra again, except annoying.

    Hope­ful­ly though as the show kicks into gear the show will begin to sur­prise. (Already got spoiled on Ike, and agree that he needs some spot­light time already. Thought the desert­ed class­room with Yoshi­da and Yuu­ji would be good this episode, but it seems he’s stopped going all 😀 over Yoshi­da say­ing good stuff about him for the moment, too. Bah.)

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