Characters of 2007

Characters of 2007... Ironically, two out of three of these characters weren't actually given any roles in any anime this year

A lot of us are look­ing back at which series are the most mem­o­rable this year for a vari­ety of rea­sons — the qual­i­ty of the sto­ry­telling, orig­i­nal­i­ty, niche gim­micks (moé, loli­ta, Shō­tarō-char­ac­ters, A Drill That Will Pierce Through The Heav­ens, unnat­ur­al boob mea­sure­ments, etc.), and all that oth­er shit. HOWEVER! To me, what real­ly makes or breaks a series in being tru­ly mem­o­rable, it all depends on the char­ac­ters. In most cas­es, I would prob­a­bly remem­ber a series for a life­time based sole­ly on the char­ac­ters (or a spe­cif­ic char­ac­ter) rather than the qual­i­ty of the sto­ry­line or how deep it is (of course, if it’s THAT good than it’ll prob­a­bly be the oth­er way around!). The sto­ry could be utter crap for all I care and I’d still remem­ber it if I real­ly like the cast and their char­ac­ter dynam­ics. In my opin­ion, if an anime/manga has a story/concept that’s as cliché or hor­ri­ble as sav­ing a princess who gets her butt kid­napped by an evil witch/evil giant tur­tle yet has some top-notched char­ac­ter dynam­ics, then it would prob­a­bly rank at the top of my list of favorite ani­me. Like­wise, if the sto­ry is built FANTASTICALLY yet the char­ac­ters are flat out bor­ing, then it would­n’t leave as much of an impres­sion on me despite it hav­ing an excel­lent plot.

Or the char­ac­ter could be just be an utter jack­ass and the series will be mem­o­rable based on how much I want­ed to shove a knife down their throat and throw him/her (most like­ly a HIM…) into a pit of acid…

To get down to busi­ness, this post will chron­i­cle some of the char­ac­ters that has made a big impres­sion on me this year. Based on cat­e­gories rang­ing from good to bad to OMG I WANT TO RIP HIS EYES OUT THAT DAMN MAKOTO, the cutest to the most inspir­ing to THE MOST SUPERLY AWESOME BADASS THAT HAS EVER WALKED DOWN THE PATH OF ANIMU… You name it.

(I’m obvi­ous­ly leav­ing Bacan­no! out of this, since hon­est­ly, I can’t choose just one notable per­son from its large cast of characters)

Good Mem­o­ries

THE MOST ANIKI OF ANIKI: Kam­i­na (Ten­gen Top­pa Gur­ren Lagann)

Believe in the me that believes in you!

A tru­ly inspir­ing char­ac­ter. I will nev­er, ever for­get him. His char­ac­ter inspired me to pierce through the heav­ens with my drill and fight for free­dom. Despite being a tad reck­less with his actions, there was an absolute­ly pas­sion­ate ani­me character.

In the mem­o­ry of… T_T


A flat-chest is a sta­tus sym­bol!

Our favorite lit­tle blue-haired, video game, eroge, and ani­me-obsessed female char­ac­ter had some of the most mem­o­rable inter­ac­tions with her fel­low cast mem­bers. Teas­ing and piss­ing off Kaga­mi, con­stant­ly ques­tion­ing Tsukasa’s intel­li­gence, scold­ing her dad about his bor­der­line-ille­gal activ­i­ties with his cam­era, and mak­ing per­vert­ed com­ments on Miyuk­i’s breast size and moé-fac­tor — hard not to get a chuck­le out of it. (Despite that, you know she real­ly DID care about her friends deep inside)

What I liked about her was­n’t just because she was “JUST the otaku” of the ani­me, there was more to her than just that — as seen in episode 22.

Kana­ta was a beau­ti­ful woman indeed. *sniff sniff* One of the warm­heart­ed moments in Lucky Star.

Kona­ta was also one of Aya Hira­no’s best voice act­ing roles. I hon­est­ly believe no oth­er voice actor could top the feel and tone she gave to Konata’s voice.

(Also, she kicked Fate’s ass in that pre­vi­ous poll of mine)

PINK SUPERVISOR: Nozomu Itoshi­ki (Say­onara Zetsubō Sen­sei)

There’s no such thing as hope in this world, only despair!

A sui­ci­dal, pes­simistic teacher who actu­al­ly makes hang­ing your­self look funny.

I like it how he car­ries around sui­cide man­u­als. There are actu­al­ly books about that kind of thing?

(And am I the only per­son who thinks about Watanu­ki from ×××HOliC when­ev­er I see his char­ac­ter design?!)

THE BEST ANIME GAIJIN: Pat­ty Mar­tin (Lucky Star)

Sor­ry, I don’t under­stand those dif­fi­cult Japan­ese words!

Despite how lit­tle sense it is that a gai­jin’s Japan­ese could be bet­ter than his/her Eng­lish (most likey on the seiyu­u’s part, even if her over­all per­for­mance was good), it’s amus­ing to see a cute char­ac­ter por­trayed as a for­eign­er who expects every sin­gle Japan­ese to be an otaku. Much more amus­ing than how gai­jin are usu­al­ly por­trayed — as dirty, rude, slobs that get their ass­es beat­en at a bar eventually.

A BADASSMEDICINE SELLER: “The Med­i­cine Sell­er” (Mononoke)

Form, Truth, and Regret

Hey, I’d choose a demon-killing med­i­cine dude that could whip up hur­ri­canes with his med­i­cine over my cur­rent Phar­ma­cy. Srsly.

LOLI OF THE YEAR: Shana (Shaku­gan no SHANA, II)

Uru­sai uru­sai uru­sai!

But unfor­tu­nate­ly (to my dis­may), because of the lack of the triple uru­sai this year (besides just once at the end of the first episode)…

The title goes to Nagi Sanzen’in (Hay­ate no Gotoku!), because Jaalin likes her ankles… >_____>

Just kid­ding, Shana remains vic­tor, only for the sole fact that she man­aged to save her appeal with absolute­ly adorable Dorothy cosplay.

HOT TEACHER: Yoshi­noya (Hidamari Sketch)

oh god yoshi­noya is hot

Poor LOL FANG SENSEI lost out to Yoshi­noya only because of the sheer fact she did­n’t pop out some fawk­ing hawt cos­play. Young, going to school half-naked, wack­ing stu­dents on the head… WHY CAN’T MOAR TEACHERS BE LIEK THEM?!!!

Bad Mem­o­ries

Help­less filler-induc­ing pup­py dog, con­tra­dic­tion of canon: Konoe Fumi­na (Shaku­gan no SHANA II)

She’s mem­o­rable only because of the fact SHE TOOK AWAY THE SHANA I KNEW AND LOVE. Seri­ous­ly, why in the world would you need some­one to escort you to and from school, even when you have a but­ler avail­able to dri­ve you home in a limo and every­where else (which we CLEARLY see dur­ing episode 11)? Even if you erase that fact, it’s not that hard mem­o­rize the path from your house to your school after the first go-around, so why does Yuji even both­er the sec­ond time? YOU’RE NOT AUTISTIC, YOU DON’T NEED THAT MUCH HELP TO GET AROUND! If you ask me, she was just a tool to por­tray Yuji as a retard and to cre­ate that tedious jeal­ousy arc.

Of course, I guess she’s okay around episode 10 and after, though. And no, I DON’T hate Hecate, I just hate the con­cept of this counterpart!

SIT BACK AND ENJOY THE RIDE, JACKASS: Mako­to Itou (Nice boat… Um, School Days)

I’m ter­ri­ble.

My hate for him is explained here.

Could­n’t sym­pa­thize with him. Char­ac­ter inter­ac­tions with the oth­er char­ac­ters were absolute­ly HORRIBLE besides man­ag­ing to get them inside his pants.

Worst. Harem. Lead. Ever.

These char­ac­ters will live on in my heart dur­ing 2008. Whether it’s a good or bad thing for some of them… meh, it’s up to me.

10 thoughts on “Characters of 2007

  1. got­ta agree on the last one, and the rest.
    I nev­er watch school days but the last ep.
    When he died, peo­ple cheered on the comments.
    Any­way, hap­py new year

  2. Haha, awe­some write-up. “THE MOST ANIKI OF ANIKI” xD

    And am I the only per­son who thinks about Watanu­ki from ×××HOliC when­ev­er I see his char­ac­ter design?!”

    *Mokona voice*
    Watanu­ki! Watanuki!

    Yeah, I do see the sim­i­lar­i­ties, now that you men­tion it.

  3. @Ori­on: Yup, besides the fact that Watanuk­i’s hair is short­er, Nozomu looks like a com­plete copy­pas­ta. Espe­cial­ly when Zetsub­ou sen­sei goes into his OMG HYPER DESPAIR MODE (seen in the pic I post­ed above), which looks like what Watanu­ki looks like when­ev­er an evil spir­it screws around with him. xD
    @Rokku: A Hap­py new Year to you too. 🙂

  4. We definit­ly need more teach­ers like Yoshi­noya, hot, young (eter­nal­ly 17 ^^), and a crazy cos­play­er. Too bad Pat­ty could­n’t get more lines, I would like to see more of her crazy otakuness. More uru­sai’s, less love sto­ry for Shana.

  5. You for­got one category:

    Cou­ple of the Year — Isaac and Miria from Bac­cano!

    Hell, they’re the Cou­ple of Ani­me. They’re that god­damned good.

    Kam­i­na and The Med­i­cine Sell­er are heroes. Super­fi­cial­ly they exem­pli­fy any­thing a bad-ass char­ac­ter could aim for.

  6. @Hel­lKo­rn: Holy shit, what an obvi­ous cat­e­go­ry to leave out. Thiev­ing cou­ples ftw.
    @AS: Pat­ty def­i­nite­ly need­ed more lines. Def­i­nite­ly a lik­able Japanophile. =P

  7. i agree with last one 100 fold hat bas­tard got what was com­ing to him! on alighter note Rie Kugimiya did a real­ly good job VA-ing for Shana and nagi but lets not for­get about Zero No tsukaima’s Louise and now there is Tora Dora’s “taiga” (btw i love the whole ‘Tsun­dere’ type of ani­me XD)

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