IE, you suck T_T

So, one day, my school friend and I were hav­ing a nerdy con­ver­sa­tion. I asked him if he used Inter­net Explor­er or Mozil­la Fire­fox . He replies, say­ing that he uses Inter­net Explor­er (6) and he hon­est­ly does­n’t see the dif­fer­ences between using one or the other.


First of all, I had a lot of headaches back when I was blog­ging on Blog­ger and when I post­ed on web forums using IE. When my inter­net or the crud­dy servers (be it Blog­ger or the web forum) go out, I usu­al­ly found myself curs­ing at my com­put­er because my 30-inched post was LOST. All the hard work, down the drain. Every time I used IE, my lazy *** (hey, don’t blame me. 99.9 % of the pop­u­la­tion lost a lot of their patience once they cre­at­ed DSL and cable inter­net) was forced to save a lot of my stuff in text files before­hand until I hit that sub­mit but­ton. Now, when I began to use Mozil­la Fire­fox, which I was hear­ing good things about (shut up, this isn’t about Opera), get this — when­ev­er I came across that evil “PAGE CANNOT BE DISPLAYED” mon­ster, I sim­ply just pressed the back but­ton on the brows­er and (OH DEAR!) MY POSTS WERE STILL THERE rather then the INFORMATION LOST crap IE gives us! The post­ing inter­face on Word­Press is also screwy on Inter­net Explor­er (when­ev­er you save posts with a lot of pic­tures, you can’t switch to using the HTML code edi­tor — which I use more com­pared to the visu­al editor).

Sec­ond­ly, my com­put­er used to be a damn virus mag­net when I was using Inter­net Explor­er. That is, until I start­ed to use Fire­fox. Mozil­la Fire­fox makes surf­ing through porn web­sites a lot easier.

Last­ly, I don’t watch porn. I DON’T WATCH PORN.


  1. You don’t watch porn, you fap to it. Par­don the off-col­or joke. 😛

    Does­n’t WP/Blogger save your posts every so often auto­mat­i­cal­ly as a draft any­way? Still, I won’t dis­agree that Fire­fox is the supe­ri­or brows­er, and I don’t think that’s out of Microsoft hate (since I do like Win­dows and all).

    Good to see you alive and blogging…I think. XD

  2. @CCYoshi: Yeah, but when your inter­net con­nec­tion goes down, you get that ugly “failed to con­nect to serv­er” (or some­thing) in place of that line where it tells you that the time the post is saved. If you don’t notice that thing, you’re pret­ty much screwed.

    Win­dows is the bomb (ignor­ing Vista), but I have to say that IE is pret­ty less supe­ri­or com­pared to Fire­fox [lolifox] and Opera.

    And yeah, I’m alive and blog­ging. I haven’t had any­thing decent to say in the past month because finals suck.
    Love the new site, btw.

  3. @Spyhunter: Agreed.
    @AS: About that… I’m gonna go away for a few min­utes to show­er because a girl’s wait­ing for me to get her a Valen­tine’s gift. (xD)

  4. Last­ly, I don’t watch porn. I DON’T WATCH PORN.”

    You remind me of Jim­my Two Times from Good­fel­las. Except in denial.

    I’ve been too lazy to switch from IE to any­thing else. I should, though, because on the rare occa­sion a large forum post is lost lead­ing to three min­utes of curs­ing that would make a sailor blush.

  5. @Hel­lKo­rn: Make a sailor blush? THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE! Yeah, the forum usu­al­ly goes down when I’m mak­ing a post… to my dis­may, and thank good­ness Fire­fox saved me from los­ing all those posts from falling into a pit hole of despair.

    … In denial? >:

  6. Per­son­al­ly I hate IE ever since I start­ed cod­ing lay­outs, it just does­n’t dis­play things the same way as many oth­er browsers. Despite annoy­ing web devel­op­ers I also find its much safer to browse with Fire­fox due to its handy plu­g­ins, not to men­tion tabbed brows­ing which fire­fox had before ie.

  7. @Toki­Do­ki: Yeah, although admit­ted­ly I like how IE can dis­play col­ored scroll­bars while Fire­fox has some trou­ble with that. (^^;;)

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