Shakugan no SHANA II 16 — Thoughts on Yuji’s Big Sword ♥

Is that Yuji kick­ing ass in com­bat with the Blut­sauger I see there? Are you screw­ing with my mind SHANA? I don’t think Yuji should even be touch­ing that thing. It’s not that I hate him, it’s just that (for all we know) Sorath and Tyrael might have gone too far with their lit­tle hen­tai incest games. *wink wink* hint hint*

I loved the new OP’s ani­ma­tion on sight imme­di­ate­ly — the scenes are just so damn good. I had to get used to the song by hear­ing it a few times more, but I’ve slow­ly found myself addict­ed to it. I loved every­thing about the new ED imme­di­ate­ly, those lit­tle light thin­gies float­ing around the char­ac­ters’ still images are just so beau­ti­ful. The actu­al ani­ma­tion for the episode, how­ev­er, ranges from below decent to great (the “great” being only a few scenes ¬_¬”).

I like how the sec­ond open­ing to the first series and the first open­ing to this series delib­er­ate­ly lied to us. The for­mer show­ing us a bat­tle with Shana VS. Sydon­ay, which nev­er hap­pened dur­ing that peri­od. The lad­der show­ing us Ike con­fess­ing to Yoshi­da in the snow, which nev­er hap­pened dur­ing that period.

Oh well. At least the open­ings have a big enough “cool” fac­tor for me to for­give them for their LIES.

I like the way Yuji clutch­es his big sword. ♥♥♥♥♥

The end­ing for the first series seems to have made J.C.Staff go in a bit of a plot­hole with Blut­sauger, though. I do remem­ber it being ditched in Seirei­den back then… Nice job there. ¬_¬b

But I am excit­ed to see Yuji slow­ly return­ing to what he was dur­ing the first series, not being an idiot and hav­ing some back­bone by tak­ing on the fate that’s befall­en on him (and now he’s going to kick some ass, dammit!).


Yoshi­da is giv­en a deci­sion between life and death, thanks to Phe­les. I know that some peo­ple hate her and all, but I don’t real­ly want to see her dis­ap­pear. Try­ing so hard to get close to the per­son you love, but fail­ing to do so — I know exact­ly how that feels. Her jeal­ous­ly gets on my nerves some­times, though. ¬_¬p

The things Phe­les said when she gave her that Hougu made her come across as some sort of jackass. :/

Hecate… glanc­ing at the bird… like Fumi­na… dramatically…

This could only mean that the ani­me might cough off some­thing in the future that I prob­a­bly would­n’t like. I love the tran­si­tion to the end­ing song, though.

XD! Yuji is so out of place…

Yeah, no more big sword jokes today. Some of you only wished I was gay.

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