Tsubasa ‑RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE- Tokyo Revelations 02

SNAP. CRACKLE. POP. Syao­ran loves his cereal.

That’s it. I love you Pro­duc­tion I.G. ♥

Ew. To be hon­est, all the blood in this episode was disgusting.

But that’s a good thing. I’m just a wimp, because the blood in the MANGA made me queezy too. D< <!–3

But I’ll just let my testos­terone kick in and say HURRAY FOR EVERYBODY WANTING to KILL EACH OTHER. I feel sor­ry for Fay though, he real­ly believed in Clone!Syaoran. All he want­ed to do was to bring him and Saku­ra laughter.

But I had enough thought on that when I read the manga.

… Sub­aru’s a girl? WHY WAS I NOT INFORMED?! Or is Kamui actu­al­ly talk­ing about Saku­ra. if so, that’s just effin’ disgusting.

Shin­sen-Subs, WHY?!! D<


Oh dear, two Syao­rans in one place.

Saku­ra might as well get an orgasm on sight, if you take away the fact that every­body is claw­ing each oth­er’s eyes out (no pun intended).

The seal hold­ing back the inner Card­cap­tor Saku­ra fan­boy in me is about to break.

I liked how they used “A Song of Storm and Fire” dur­ing Real!Syaoran’s total­ly badass speech and bat­tle. It real­ly remind­ed me of how much I loved the back­ground music of TRC. Yuki Kajiu­ra for the win <3

I will describe these two badass­es as badass as many times as I can, since there is no bet­ter word to describe badass than badass.


Saku­ra would be enjoy­ing that, if you take away the fact that Syao­ran just became an insane killing machine that rips apart peo­ples’ eye sock­ets and then eats them.

Do I sense a bit of human emo­tion there?! It’s a lit­tle bit more unno­tice­able in the man­ga, but it’s there. I like how the ani­me shows it more clearly.

This makes sense, con­sid­er­ing the whole “body mem­o­ries” thing.

Now I want some ×××HOLiC to go with my Tsub­asa Chron­i­cle. (:

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  1. @Dan­ny Choo: Not real­ly a blood filled ani­me, just towards the last half of it. This just hap­pens to be the begin­ning of that half. 😛

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