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Where there is light, shad­ows lurk and fear reigns. But by the blade of knights, mankind was giv­en hope.

The episode starts off with an old muse­um own­er hear­ing a strange, creepy laugh in the stor­age base­ment filled with box­es and paint­ings. While look­ing for where the noise was com­ing from, he sees a box with a piece of old rib­bon tied up like a present, and opens it. It’s a blue paint­ing of a young, naked women and he thinks it looks beau­ti­ful. All of a sud­den, the pic­ture of the women comes to life and pops out of the paint­ing, giv­ing out a demon­ic aura to the view­ers. The women, with her arms seduc­tive­ly wrap­ping around his neck, asks if the old man likes young girls and he, awk­ward­ly, says yes (pedophile! xD). The women says that he’s just like her and then pre­cedes to turn into a demon­ic look­ing mon­ster, reveal­ing ten­ta­cle-like things from its body and pre­cedes to kill and pos­sess the old man.

We then see a young, man train­ing with his sword in an unknown, dark place.

After we see the title screen, we then get a nar­ra­tion from a women as we see a lit­tle girl read­ing a pic­ture book in the woods. The women says that when­ev­er she brings up her ear­li­est mem­o­ry, her mind always remem­bers that pic­ture book and the gold­en knight in it that would would con­tin­u­ous­ly and hero­ical­ly defeat the repul­sive mon­sters. But, when she turned to the last page… it was emp­ty. All of a sud­den we see a scene that shows a demon­ic-look­ing crea­ture emerg­ing form the ground.

The girl, scared and fright­ened, was sur­round­ed by a bunch of sil­hou­ette-cov­ered mon­sters. Just as a mon­ster lash­es out at the lit­tle girl, all the mon­sters are sud­den­ly cut in half and killed. The lit­tle girl seemed to have been saved by the same gold­en knight, wield­ing his gold­en sword, in the pic­ture book.

After that, the girl, now a women in about her 20s, wakes up and finds that it was all a dream. She’s sleep­ing on a couch and gets up. She looks down at the paper on the desk next to the couch and starts to draw.

In the next scene, we see her in an art muse­um, putting up the same pic­ture on the wall (now ful­ly col­ored and every­thing) which seems to be an adver­tise­ment. She thanks the own­er, the same one we saw at the begin­ning, for exhibit­ing her art, which fills her with joy. When she was­n’t look­ing, the old man looked at her very hun­gri­ly. He says that there’s one more thing to do to fin­ish this all up. He then(forcefully) tried to pull her into the base­ment. Sur­prised, the women gets a strange feel­ing and runs out of the muse­um, apol­o­giz­ing to the own­er. Catch­ing her breath, she won­ders what just hap­pened back there.

Short­ly after, we see the young man again, still skill­ful­ly train­ing with his sword around swing­ing axes.

After that, we see a nice, white house. The women tells the man in the room that she’s been hav­ing some strange dreams about a gold­en knight and mon­sters in the pic­ture book her dad drew long ago. She won­ders why he drew that pic­ture book and says that the last page seems to trou­ble her because it’s blank. The man asks if she has the pic­ture book right now, but she replies by say­ing that the orig­i­nal and all the copies no longer exist. The man says that the last page of the book seems to be a key to this mys­tery. He says that per­haps she desires this pic­ture book to exist, so her mind cre­at­ed it for her. The women, whose name is Kaoru Mit­su­ki, says that the man, Ryu­uza­ki-sen­sei, that he’s prob­a­bly right. Since this is her first time exhibit­ing her art in a gallery, she’s not con­fi­dent that she’ll get good reviews, so she’s being tor­ment­ed by a mon­ster named “anx­i­ety”.

We skip back to the muse­um again, hear­ing anoth­er young women say­ing that Kaoru just draws strange pic­tures and tells the own­er that she’s just in the way. The old man says that he under­stands and says they should have a talk about it leisure­ly, over din­ner, while rub­bing her arm per­vert­ed­ly. The own­er than pulls the young lady away. As she tells him to stop, he exclaims that he’s starved, and actu­al­ly eats her.

Once again, we see the young man from before prac­tic­ing his com­bat skills with his katana. All of a sud­den, we hear the voice of his but­ler call him, “Kouga-Sama?”. He tells him that it’s time to work. As Kouga walks up to his but­ler, his but­ler bows and gives him a red enve­lope. Kouga says it’s been a while say “they” gave him work and he says that the tim­ing’s good, he’s all warmed up. He takes out a lighter emit­ting green flames and burns the enve­lope, strange words appear around him.

There are signs of calami­ty. The yin of the Hor­rors which feeds upon human pride… shall be cut down imme­di­ate­ly.

The words dis­ap­pear and we see Kouga, now in a white trench­coat, out­side the muse­um build­ing. A talk­ing skull-shaped ring tells him that it’s close, it can feel a strong pres­ence of evil. Kouga pre­cedes to walk in.

We see Kaoru run­ning in, shout­ing out good morn­ing. How­ev­er, the own­er does­n’t seem to be there and she runs into Kouga. He push­es her into a near­by pil­lar, pulls out his lighter, and turns on the flame in front of her face and looks into her eyes. She does­n’t seem to be his tar­get. Hear­ing the own­er call her name, Kaoru, fright­en­ing­ly runs behind him.

The own­er asks if he could help Kouga with some­thing. He says he’s look­ing for some­one, but it looks like he had the wrong per­son. The own­er says that if he does­n’t have any busi­ness, he should kind­ly leave. How­ev­er, Kouga says he’s think­ing of buy­ing one of Kaoru’s paint­ings. Kaoru is excit­ed, but the art sale dis­play isn’t until the next day. How­ev­er, the gallery own­er allows him to. Kouga sees a paint­ing with a land­scape in a king­dom, and says he likes it and wants Kaoru to deliv­er it to him by tonight.

Kouga asks if there are more beau­ti­ful paint­ings. The own­er says there are more in the base­ment. While there, the own­er tells Kouga that he hopes he will find some­thing pleas­ing among the selec­tion. Kouga sees a box, with an old rib­bon hang­ing down from it, and asks what it is. The old man says there’s noth­ing inside, it was always just a box. Kouga then asks it he ate it up… or was he the one eat­en…? The old man turns around and sees that he’s fac­ing Kouga’s green lighter. In his eyes, Kouga con­firms that this man is pos­sessed by a Hor­ror — his true tar­get. How­ev­er, lit­er­al­ly with the speed of light, the old man escapes.

The gallery is cov­ered in a bar­ri­er and Kaoru notices that she can’t get out. Kouga’s ring tells him that this is the Hor­ror called Angry. Kouga relaizes that it’s the women-eat­ing hor­ror that he despis­es. The ring tells him that it appeared using an evil pic­ture as a gate. It also says it uses traps.

All of a sud­den, two red phan­toms with spears popped out of some paint­ings and start­ed fight­ing Kouga. After a show of some pret­ty slick mar­tial arts skills, Kouga impales both of them with his katana and they dis­in­te­grate into blood.

Wait­ing in the gallery, Kaoru sees the gallery own­er. He says that Kouga was just a swindler. Kaoru is sur­prised, he says he’s already called the police and every­thing is okay. He then insists on tak­ing her home, force­ful­ly pulling her to the exit. Sud­den­ly, Kouga’s voice is heard. He said the traps were fun. The old man hears him, annoyed, and asks him if he’s a Makai Knight. As he says this, Kaoru notices the pupils in his eye­balls have dis­ap­peared and becomes frightened.

The man grabs her and then starts spit­ing a bunch of acid towards Kouga, all of which he dodges skill­ful­ly. He push­es Kaoru away and then starts to attack Kouga. After out­smart­ing the pos­sessed old man numer­ous times, the Hor­ror sud­den­ly bursts out of the old man’s body in a very bloody scene. The Hor­ror turns into a shad­ow and slides up and down the walls until it hides in a paint­ing. Kouga scans the room, exam­in­ing each paint­ing. When the flame of his green lighter react­ed, he blew the green flame into the paint­ing and it start­ed to pul­sate. Kaoru is fright­ened, and Kouga tells her to run, imme­di­ate­ly. Remem­ber­ing that all the doors were locked, she hid behind a near­by pillar.

As the paint­ing began to take the shape of a demon­ic crea­ture, Kouga unsheathes his katana and rais­es it into the air. A light is seen above him and as the mon­ster lash­es out at him, he trans­forms into the gold­en knight Kaoru saw in the pic­ture book and smacks the mon­ster away with his gold­en sword.

After a short while of fight­ing with the Hor­ror, the gold­en knight slash­es it in half. As it dies, the Hor­rors’ blood had splat­tered on Kaoru. Kouga turns to see this and tells her that she should’ve ran, because when a human is stained by a Hor­rors’ blood, they must be cut. As Kouga, in his gold­en knight form, rais­es his sword and Kaoru faints, the scene blacks out.

We see Kouga, in his human form, car­ry­ing her home, say­ing that the blood soaked on her body would attract more Hor­rors and if he used her as bait, his hunt­ing will be more easier.

As Kaoru wakes up on her coach, she thinks for a moment that it was all just a dream. How­ev­er, Kouga is beside her, say­ing that it was all real. Sur­prised, Kouga assures her that he won’t kill her. Kaoru angri­ly asks who he is and why is he in her home with­out per­mis­sion, which annoys Kouga because he says that he was the one that saved her and car­ried her home, and he should­n’t be the tar­get of sus­pi­cion. He says she was quite heavy, and Kaoru takes offense to that. Kouga fig­ures that pep of hers means she’s all bet­ter, so he begins to leave. Kaoru tells him to stop, say­ing that she was going to have an art exhi­bi­tion tomor­row and now her first chance as an artist is ruined, so how can he just cold­ly leave? He apol­o­gizes for deceiv­ing her, but one thing is true — he liked her paint­ing and it remind­ed him of the land­scape in the town he grew up in. As he promised, he would buy it. As he goes out and takes the paint­ing, Kaoru is left dumb­found­ed — what about the money?!

As she nar­rates the end of the episode, she says that the gold­en knight from the pic­ture book appeared before her eyes on that day. How­ev­er. she says it’s only the begin­ning of a new knight’s legend.


Oh lawd, I love this series. Along with its awe­some spe­cial effects and fight­ing chore­og­ra­phy, this series escapes the mold of most live-action hen­shin shows by cru­el­ly hav­ing no mer­cy for the “vic­tims” in most of the episodes, this show’s not afraid to show blood or sex­u­al sit­u­a­tions — appeal­ing to the teen and adult demog­ra­phy. (; I found the sound­track quite awe­some, espe­cial­ly the instru­men­tal ver­sion of the open­ing played dur­ing the episode previews.

Along with Kouga hav­ing a com­plete­ly awe­some and cool actor, his Madou Ring (Zaru­ba) is voiced by Hironobu Kageya­ma, which is pret­ty damn awesome.

Next Episode

Don’t tell me you’d all depend on a Hor­ror? They’re always look­ing for a chance to get into your hearts, you know. Next time: “Yin Self”! In your hearts, there is a shadow.

Yin Self 陰我

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  1. WOW, this is so awe­some with lots of screen capture…GRRRREAT JOB! Thanks for shar­ing this excel­lent show with a class of its own!

    Yeah GARO rocks even for mature audi­ence like me and no I’m not a fan of this kind of dra­ma at all. But this one is real­ly good, very well exe­cut­ed, very intrigu­ing sto­ry and one of the most sen­si­ble rea­son why the hero­ine will always be a damsel in dis­tress and need our knight in shin­ing gold­en armour to save her every time! Their romance have such a fairy tales ele­ment to it with a much dark­er tones and so bit­ter­sweet! Loved every­thing about this dra­ma espe­cial­ly the romance between Kouga & Kaoru..simply GREAT!

    You should real­ly vis­it this blog by MITRA, she is so seri­ous­ly obsessed with GARO that she write such fan­tas­tic analy­sis of this show here in multi-languages:

    Hope to read your com­ment there too! Thanks again and hope that you will com­plete the whole 25 episodes & the Spe­cial as well!

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