Shakugan no SHANA II (17–23)

Wow, the sec­ond sea­son was real­ly a bumpy ride and as I expect­ed — it’ll all end at episode 24 (… it sort of con­firmed itself when the end­ing song and the cred­its played while the episode was still going on). Start­ing off with a real­ly unnec­es­sary filler arc, long spans of bor­ing episodes with no real plot devel­op­ment (IKE’S AMUSEMENT BARF-FEST, I’M LOOKING AT YOU), facepalm-riff­ic GAMBAREMASU nods (*nods* Yoshi­da: I won’t lose *nods* Shana: I won’t lose too o| ̄|_), and incon­sis­tent ani­ma­tion through­out the whole thing (J.C.Staff, should­n’t you have a much larg­er bud­get for one of your most pop­u­lar shows?). Despite all that, my favorite moments have hap­pened dur­ing these episodes.

Yuji gains a lot of com­bat devel­op­ment as well as char­ac­ter devel­op­ment dur­ing these past episodes. He start­ed kick­ing ass with his Blut­sauger and snapped a Tomog­a­ra’s neck for Pete’s sake! (Though… what would real­ly make ani­me-styled Yuji com­plete is if he had at least one creepy con­ver­sa­tion with him­self in a mir­ror. xD) I real­ly hope the sea­son ends with him turn­ing evil. :3

Yoshi­da bare­ly changed — although she’s still hold­ing onto that lit­tle bit of hope of get­ting togeth­er with Yuji. I bet she’ll go into a state of depres­sion lat­er on, as I pre­dict Yuji yelling out Shana’s name (“the per­son he choos­es to pro­tect”) judg­ing from the pre­view. Ouch. Aside from the hor­ri­ble fact that Yuji scream­ing is ****ing awful, it would real­ly be a stab in the heart for her. Such dra­mat­ics. She’d prob­a­bly be bet­ter off los­ing to the ini­tial chal­lenge she set up with Shana (which is, by the way, a pret­ty roman­tic chal­lenge in my opinion ♥).

Shana win­ning an epic bat­tle against Sabrac with an extend­ed ver­sion of JOINT play­ing as a bat­tle tune was real­ly the one thing I liked the most, despite the fact that they should have ani­mat­ed it better.

It’s been a real­ly tough ride through­out this whole sea­son. Real­ly, an ani­me adap­ta­tion of a real­ly inter­est­ing and fun set of fan­ta­sy light nov­els should have done bet­ter than what Shaku­gan no SHANA II coughed up most of the time!

I’ll write up my thoughts on the last episode when I get around to watch­ing it.

2 thoughts on “Shakugan no SHANA II (17–23)

  1. Whoa, it’s Kyou now, not Shana. Seems like she’s got­ten a lot of the blo­gos­phere with her stor­age room antics. XD

    Good to see you post­ing now and then, and I’d agree with a lot of what you’ve said about Shana II despite it being my first con­tact with the series.

    It’s got­ten good over the last few episodes, and despite the love tri­an­gle being painful­ly onesided (seri­ous­ly, Kazu­mi, get with Ike already, it’s bet­ter for the both of you. XD) it’s been quite entertaining.

    Well, assum­ing they did­n’t just wipe out Margery with one fling of the wrist in episode 23. I fig­ure they would drag it out if they did any­thing seri­ous to her. >_>

  2. CCYoshi: I’d feel sor­ry for Ike though. Being in a rela­tion­ship where the girl only sees you as a sec­ond-place run­ner up might suck emo­tion­al­ly. ): LOL The pow­er of Flame Haze puri­fy­ing plot devices will save Margery, no sweat.
    Yeah, seems this blog has become a “post when I feel like it” type of thing rather than the “post­ing almost every­day” thing it start­ed as. I feel more com­fort­able that way, though.
    And XD at Kyou actu­al­ly uncrown­ing Shana and the Rozen Maid­en char­ac­ters as a ban­ner mascot.

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