Needs Your Help! (Donation Drive) has always been sup­port­ive of new writ­ers all over the world to estab­lish their blog for free. As we con­tin­ue to expand and include new blog­gers to the ani­me blo­gos­phere, we have reached a point where adver­tis­ing dol­lars are not enough to pay for the host­ing services. 

Hence, we have decid­ed to appeal for dona­tions to cov­er the tax­es and host­ing fees of The first goal is to raise US$1600 to cov­er three months of host­ing and the tax­es applic­a­ble to When we have secured that amount, we are look­ing into adding anoth­er serv­er in order to accom­mo­date more writ­ers, which is where the sec­ond goal comes in. If we reach our sec­ond goal of US$2200, we’ll be able to add anoth­er server. 

If you are won­der­ing how you can donate to us, there are var­i­ous ways. First, you can direct­ly donate to the site via Ama­zon or Pay­pal from our dona­tions page. Sec­ond, you can buy mer­chan­dise. As an incen­tive to those who donate, every­one who donates more than $5 will be entered to win a prize. Cur­rent­ly we have a spon­sor that’s pay­ing for two shirts for win­ners. You can also con­tribute any ani­me-relat­ed items as prizes for the lucky draw. needs your help. Every­one is inte­gral to the sup­port of Every lit­tle bit counts to hit our tar­get, be it $1 or $100. You will make a dif­fer­ence. Thank you and please con­tin­ue to explore our ani­me blog­ging community!

(Yes, I know, a lit­tle late on the intake…) If you’re a reg­u­lar ani­me blog read­er or even an ani­me blog­ger your­self, chip in a few bucks to help out (or bet­ter yet, buy the awe­some shirts at the store. Win win, I say!). (; If not for me, do it for the cat. >3

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