Shakugan no SHANA II — FINAL

(I’m way over­do. Who­ev­er took me off their blogrolls, I love you too. )

This series was dis­ap­point­ing in many ways, and when I thought it would redeem all of that by hav­ing an awe­some final… it did­n’t. Leav­ing a crap­py open-end for a pos­si­ble third sea­son isn’t the way to go, espe­cial­ly since most of us have wait­ed over half a year for the sec­ond sea­son, which (once again) did­n’t turn out all that well. Are they *real­ly* expect­ing us to wait anoth­er year (or a pos­si­ble two) for a third sea­son and get our hopes up, only to give us anoth­er low­er-than-stan­dard qual­i­ty pro­duc­tion in the end (may I remind you that moé-styled art is only good when it’s accom­pa­nied by decent ani­ma­tion and sto­ry­telling)? Appar­ent­ly Carmel-san lied to us about this sea­son hav­ing “more action” than the last, since most of this sea­son’s poten­tial “action” was scrapped in favor of turn­ing SHANA into a harem and focus­ing on the tedious love-triangle.

Also, I don’t know why I should even call the end­ing to this sea­son an “open-end”, at least for the love-tri­an­gle. It’s real­ly unbe­liev­able that Yuji/Kazumi fans are hang­ing on to the bit of hope that Yuji picked Yoshi­da in the end. For most of you that watched the final, you can see that’s real­ly sad des­per­a­tion. No offense to peo­ple who sup­port the rela­tion­ship, but it’s writ­ten in stone that Yuji and Shana are meant for each oth­er in the series — Kazu­mi did­n’t real­ly have any hope from the get-go.

Though, I would say that J.C.Staff most like­ly would come up with a half-assed way of killing that small, yet largest trace of res­o­lu­tion the love-tri­an­gle ever had this season.

Screw you, J.C.Staff.

I'll let my Asian pride do the talking.

Sit down, uru­sai, and try not to dis­ap­point. Simple.

EDIT: Don’t get me wrong — I still love SHANA. It’s just that the ani­me is so… so… *facepalm*

3 thoughts on “Shakugan no SHANA II — FINAL

  1. I thought the clos­ing parts of Shana II were pret­ty good … except for the final few min­utes, like you said. I spent them look­ing at the clock and then back at the show, silent­ly scream­ing “Hur­ry up hur­ry up hur­ry up!!”

    It did­n’t work. The biggest con­fes­sion we got in this sea­son was Ike to Yoshi­da, and, while I liked that, I was hop­ing for a more impor­tant one. Nope. 

    I ful­ly expect a ret­con next sea­son; as I said, “Shana’s just hap­py because she saw the mel­on­pan truck dri­ve by, and Yoshi­da’s just sad because she got snow in her eye, so they’ll be on even ground in Sea­son 3.” 

    The least they can do for the third sea­son is make the love tri­an­gle mild­ly enter­tain­ing and not have both the con­tes­tants give up on their dreams just because of one green-haired girl (cough, cough).

    Still antic­i­pat­ing the third sea­son, but I real­ly wish the sto­ry would at least move for­ward a bit aside from incre­ment­ing Yuu­ji’s pow­er level.

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    If this works, the para­graphs should look nice. You can nuke this com­ment when you get a chance.

  3. I still love you xD. I love Shana and thats it ^^; I watch Shana for Shana ;p. Sll the love non­sense is point­less, like you said, every­one knows how its going to end.

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