7 thoughts on “Mononoke… dansen?

  1. Oh. God. Now I’m try­ing to think about a series that is even more obscure and unsuit­able for Caramell­dansen than Mononoke. Maybe Para­noia Agent?

  2. @Sasa: I don’t know, Para­noia Agent seems equal­ly as obsure as Mononoke.

    I’m going to say Pale Cocoon on this…

  3. I’m still hold­ing out for the Mushishi Caramell­dansen, myself.

    But if it’s obscure you want, how about some­thing like Porfy no Nagai Tabibito or some­thing? =P

  4. 0rion: Oh gosh, I’ve searched and SEARCHED, but I’ve NEVER man­aged to find a Mushi-Shi dansen.

    It’s (Mushi-Shi) too awe­some for that Swedish pile of fun, anyway. >:

  5. More obscure than Mononoke?


    I’d laugh my ass off at watch­ing Doc and Ichise do that dance.

  6. @Hel­lKo­rn: Maybe if I get off my lazy ass, get a new com­put­er, and draw-up some nice flash ani­ma­tion, maybe we can work some­thing out? 😉

  7. But that would mean you are capa­ble of self-motivation!
    What­ev­er you turned up would def­i­nite­ly be bet­ter than mine, though. I have a few artis­tic tal­ents that I’m proud of, but draw­ing is not one of them.

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