FMA anime… Oh, sweet memories

While scroung­ing around for some of my Full­met­al Alchemist DVDs, I found Vol­ume 2 (Scarred Man of the East) and was remind­ed of how the ani­me *used* to be some­what bet­ter than the man­ga before it went off-track. For exam­ple, Nina’s death in the man­ga (while still sad) was not as much of a tear­jerk­er as it was in the ani­me, espe­cial­ly when the ani­me added in that Bar­ry the Chop­per subplot.

The ani­me was­n’t as bad com­pared to the man­ga as some fans say it was, but it is still infe­ri­or to the man­ga. Espe­cial­ly toward the end, where con­tra­dic­tions start­ed to pop out of the shit­hole and the writ­ing does become some­what bad. Of course, FMA is still one of the most decent shounen ani­me I’ve seen in my life­time (god for­bid fillers to actu­al­ly be watch­able!). Despite the crazy sce­nario of “what if Bones had more source mate­r­i­al to work with at the time of pro­duc­ing the ani­me”, the out­come of the ani­me would have been no dif­f­ent because the author, Hiro­mu Arakawa, actu­al­ly want­ed the ani­me to be dif­fer­ent. Know­ing that, I’d say it end­ed on a bet­ter note com­pared to crap like, say, InuYasha… which was sup­posed to be the same as the manga.

I gen­er­al­ly enjoy my ani­me to be dif­fer­ent than my manga/novel, unless it’s an ani­me with alter­ations lead­ing to no sig­nif­i­cance what­so­ev­er (Shaku­gan no SHANA and Yu-Gi-Oh! comes to mind).

That’s not to say that I would­n’t have liked to see an ani­me that was clos­er to the man­ga, which made a hel­lu­va lot more sense than the ani­me did.

So yeah, Win­ry FMA rocked, gg.

6 thoughts on “FMA anime… Oh, sweet memories

  1. @Inuhany­ou: There’s a new FMA ani­me? Nev­er heard of it. Or are you talk­ing about a “what if” sce­nario here?

  2. @mun­dox: OH SHI-! When I orig­i­nal­ly read that post, I only skimmed through it.

    Now I’m pumped, thanks for the info! Could’ve known about it much ear­li­er, but due to my incompetence… 😛

    (Now I’ll have a chance to blog about some­thing that I’ll be cer­tain­ly watch­ing… Some­thing that I won’t be lazy with. ): )

    See­ing how well they did the fillers in the infe­ri­or ver­sion of the ani­me, I’m sure this one won’t suck even if it some­how catch­es up to the man­ga due to the cir­cum­stances. >D

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