Soul Eater 01

Any­one else imag­ined that Soul would have a Romi Paku-like male voice if ani­mat­ed (… prob­a­bly just me), and was sur­prised by the voice of choice? Grant­ed, I liked it, but hear­ing a badass-sound­ing Rox­as com­ing out of his mouth shocked the hell out of me.

Rather than painful­ly blog­ging through all the episodes I’m behind on, I’ll marathon this and will even­tu­al­ly catch up up to the most recent­ly aired episode. First episode says it all: count on Bones to deliv­er non-shod­dy shounen action scenes (thank God if the rumors of them ani­mat­ing a new FMA ani­me are true). Maka’s voice is smexy, Death Scythe’s a horny bas­tard, and Blair’s as loaded as ever. Black Star sounds a lit­tle too young… no, fem­i­nine, but meh. EDIT — Take that back. Sec­ond episode has him clear­ly sound­ing like Laharl (Dis­gaea), even though it’s a com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent seiyuu. That is win in my eyes!

I find myself addict­ed to the open­ing song by T.M. Rev­o­lu­tion (maybe because this is the first time in a while that I’ve heard him sing such an awe­some song solo?) EDIT — Sounds like kick­ass ring­tone-mate­r­i­al, no?

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(Accord­ing to the fan­sub­bers, since I’m only watch­ing the Late Night ver­sion, my soul is in dan­ger. ( ̄へ ̄))

4 thoughts on “Soul Eater 01

  1. I real­ly love Soul Eater too, and I find Maka’s voice smexy as well! XD

    Lucky you can marathon ani­me, I get headaches after a cou­ple of episodes lols if I watch it in one day

  2. @bliss­mo: Well, it’s not like I watch that much when I “marathon”. lol Watch just enough episodes so I could catch up in a cou­ple of days or so. It real­ly helps when you have noth­ing to do dur­ing summer. ^^;;

    *friends are assholes*

    Any­ways, Maka’s voice is the one I real­ly like the most at the moment. Black Star comes sec­ond due to him sound­ing an awful lot like Laharl. Soul’s is pret­ty damn awe­some, but real­ly con­trasts to what I’d thought he’d sound like. o_O

  3. Ahh Soul Eater. I’m way behind in that series too. I have it all down­loaded, just have had no time to sit down and marathon it all. Maybe I’ll final­ly get around to watch­ing it now that you’ve remind­ed me how much fun it is. =D

    And as for voic­es, while the cast is just great all around I got­ta say, I espe­cial­ly love Tsub­ak­i’s voice.

  4. @0rion: The way her voice changes into sweet —> evil when Black Star peeks on her is quite amazing.

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