Fullmetal Alchemist Chapter 86

FMA Chapter 86

Ed final­ly meets Pride face-to-face. Okay, not real­ly, since the lit­tle bug­ger’s main body was hid­ing in the shad­ows and Mr. Lion King Heinck­el was the one that was major­ly kick­ing Pride’s ass (although Pride’s facial expres­sion says oth­er­wise). Oh man, I hope he does­n’t die.

Win on many levels
(Maka from Soul Eater and Edward Elric are best buds! :DDD A real­ly nice joint-illus­tra­tion from this mon­th’s Shō­nen Gangan)

Old man has a plan

Accord­ing to the scan­la­tion I read, Grum­man intends on fram­ing Mus­tang and Arm­strong as “trai­tors of the mil­i­tary” and plans on seiz­ing pow­er by mak­ing him­self look like a hero. I’m sit­ting here, hop­ing that Arakawa is just mess­ing with our minds, because I real­ly liked that camp sono­va’ b!tch. T~T

Why does everyone hate Ed? ):

Some­thing tells me he did that on purpose… (;


FMA says NO to child abuse!

Yu-Gi-Oh!-esque split-personalities?

Greed lets Ling regain con­trol of his body for the moment, and guess what? He’s kick­ing major ass.

Ran Fan is sexy, the end

Ran Fan is ****ing ownage! Glut­tony dies again?! Take that, you can­ni­bal­is­tic bas­tard! Heh, maybe not…

Real­ly great chap­ter (although, lack of Win­ry and Hawk­eye made me sad, and Ed bare­ly did any­thing aside from caus­ing the black­out and being the cen­ter of abuse). Can’t wait to see the out­come of Pride and Heinck­el’s bat­tle (oh man, I hope he lives!) and find out if Grum­man is real­ly a bad guy.

These month-long waits for chap­ters have always killed me inside, but it ensures qual­i­ty and the full extent of Hiro­mu Arakawa’s genius. Must spread the FMA man­ga love!

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