Eve no Jikan (ONA) 01

Are you enjoy­ing the time of EVE?

Had this in my watch-bin for quite a while now because I heard it was real­ly good, although I had a prob­lem get­ting the sub­ti­tles to work, so I watched it with­out em’. First glance? Superb ani­ma­tion. Got a gist of some of the things that were said, and it seemed like a very inter­est­ing story.

After I final­ly got the sub­ti­tles to work? The sto­ry was just as I expect­ed, but more. What we have here is big poten­tial for a cap­ti­vat­ing, com­pelling nar­ra­tive. The only thing that would weigh the sto­ry down is, with­out read­ing a REAL impres­sion­able review, you’d think that this sto­ry would jump into a cliché human/robot sto­ry. Guess what?

It’s not.

The dif­fer­ence between how the androids “func­tion” inside and out­side of the café brings up a ques­tion that is like­ly to be explored in the next install­ments. Is it pos­si­ble for an arti­fi­cial­ly-cre­at­ed android to act inde­pen­dent­ly with­out their mas­ter’s com­mand? In a gen­er­al view­point, are they real­ly all that dif­fer­ent from humans? Every­thing is por­trayed quite real­is­ti­cal­ly, from what I can tell, in this episode. As we see in the ONA, some of their own­ers treat them like crap because they *assume* the androids are mind­less drones. A great con­trast to how we see Akiko and friends act in the café: they have real, human­ly feelings.

The direc­tion, the ani­ma­tion, the under­ly­ing tone and mes­sage of the sto­ry — all lead­ing to a per­fect­ly good set­up for some­thing poten­tial­ly big.

My inter­ests have been sparked. Can’t wait for the oth­er five episodes.

5 thoughts on “Eve no Jikan (ONA) 01

  1. @bliss­mo: Count­ing this episode, it’ll run for six. Great way to flesh out the sto­ry, because if you put them all togeth­er, you get a movie. 😮

  2. So what did you think of the twist? It’s some­what expect­ed, but I found that it works. Real­ly empha­sizes the dif­fer­ent atti­tudes and sense of free­doms that these androids.

    Oh, and I like all of the female char­ac­ters intro­duced so far. Sur­pris­ing­ly. I mean, expe­ri­ence told me that Yoshiu­ra does­n’t go for those eas­i­ly-scrapped moe blobs (does­n’t give into easy sim­pli­fi­ca­tions for either gen­der), but still…

    Can’t wait for more. But the two month waits are gonna be painful!

  3. @Hel­lKo­rn: The exe­cu­tion of the twist was expect­ed, but see­ing the way it was exe­cut­ed, it total­ly did­n’t matter.
    … The wait will be painful, indeed, but giv­en how long it will be, I’m sure they’re seri­ous about delivering.

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