The Lucky 7 Anime Gimmicks. Learn them. Love them. Hate them.

1. moéblobs
moéblob ‘mō-ā-ˈbläb noun, moéblobs

A per­son, usu­al­ly a female char­ac­ter, that is con­sid­ered cute and/or beau­ti­ful by many (“moé”), usu­al­ly men. How­ev­er, most of the time, they serve no pur­pose to the over­all sto­ry and are cre­at­ed sole­ly for the pur­pose of induc­ing erec­tions for ado­les­cents going under puber­ty, horny men, and/or 30-year-old vir­gins (see: fanser­vice) and in some instances, loli­cons (see: loli). In rare cas­es, they are guys (see: trap).

Exam­ple: Miku­ru Asahi­na from The Melan­choly of Haruhi Suzu­miya is a moéblob.

Not to be con­fused with moéblob ANIME, which are usu­al­ly filled with a shit­load of win if you’re look­ing for cute stuff.

Exam­ple: Potemayo is a moéblob anime.

2. trap
trap ‘trap noun, verb, traps, trapped, trap·ping


1. A boy, whose body struc­ture, face, and voice make up the super­fi­cial per­cep­tion of what the per­fect girl should look and sound like. Their pur­pose is more appar­ent in adult visu­al nov­els, exist­ing sole­ly to make a guy feel hor­ri­bly owned. 

2. Same as above, only peo­ple know that said trap is a guy, but just don’t give a crap.

Exam­ple: Jun from Hap­pi­ness! is a trap.
Miko­to from The Otaku Spot is a trap.

Not to be con­fused with futa­nari, which isn’t boys that look like girls. Rather, it’s girls that have dicks.

To be trapped means that you have fall­en vic­tim to these beau­ti­ful men. End result usu­al­ly includes par­ents and/or friends walk­ing in on you, wit­ness­ing unzipped pants and a dick on your com­put­er screen dur­ing the moment of truth.

Syn­onyms include: bad luck, owned, become an hero, gdammit, oh shi-!, unfun­ny 4chan meme

Trap­ping is the same thing as being trapped, only you’re the one caus­ing it.

Syn­onyms include: “I’m a guy =D <3”

3. loli
loli lō-ˈlē noun, lolis


It, for some rea­son, stems from the word “loli­ta” which means “seduc­tive young girl”, hmmm… /omfgpedoalert

In ani­me terms, it means a char­ac­ter that’s a cute, lit­tle girl (in appear­ance). Age usu­al­ly does­n’t mat­ter as long as they’re small and their chest size does­n’t go past one cen­time­ter (usu­al­ly. Eiken does­n’t count.).

Exam­ples: Louise from Zero no Tsukaima is a loli.
There are no notable loli blog­gers.

Not to be con­fused with a lol­li (a sug­ary sub­stance used to suck on) or lolicon, a sick per­son who bounds and gags such char­ac­ters and stuffs them into clos­ets. Or a per­son that hap­pens to like char­ac­ters such as these. Hey, I’m no dictionary! 

Exam­ple: Impz is a loli­con, Konata’s dad from Lucky Star is like a lolicon

4. fanser­vice
fanser­vice ˈfan-sər-vəs noun, adjec­tive


1. Cater­ing to fans in a mul­ti­tude of good ways.

2. An apol­o­gy for com­ing up with com­plete crap.

3. An apol­o­gy for com­ing up with an ani­me that’s com­plete crap, and caters to fans by show­ing a mul­ti­tude of big breasts, panty shots, girls kiss­ing, guys kiss­ing, and bor­der-line porn.

Exam­ple: Eiken is a crap­py fanser­vice anime.

5. reverse trap
reverse trap ri-ˈvərs-‘trap noun

Females that look like males. All guys are hot for them. No excep­tions. The oppo­site of a trap (see: trap).

Exam­ple: Miko­to has no exam­ples of a reverse trap.

6. GAR moé
GAR moé ˈgār-‘mō‑ā adjec­tive


1. Kam­i­na if he was a girl.

2. A cute and/or beau­ti­ful girl that has man­ly traits that make her a good exam­ple of female badassery. The com­plete oppo­site of a moéblob (see: moéblob). Female equiv­a­lent of GAR (see: GAR).

Exam­ple: Kamina from Ten­gen Top­pa Gur­ren Lagann is GAR moé.

7. GAR
GAR ˈgār adjec­tive


1. Kam­i­na from Ten­gen Top­pa Gur­ren Lagann. A his­tor­i­cal hero that died for our sins.

2. A hero­ic, man­ly, con­fi­dent, deter­mined, and badass male char­ac­ter. This type of char­ac­ter has the traits that would make any straight man gay for him with­out the need of becom­ing a trap (see: trap) and aims to inspire you. Not to men­tion, take you to the skies. Female char­ac­ters are con­sid­ered GAR moé (see: GAR moé).

Exam­ple: Simon from Ten­gen Top­pa Gur­ren Lagann is GAR.
Soul from Soul Eater is GAR.
Epic Win Blog is GAR.
GAR GAR Stegosaurus is GAR.


Ah, gim­micks that rake in a fan­base like no tomor­row. I’d say the last two are the most pos­i­tive gim­micks by far. But hey, that’s just me.

If you like moéblobs and fanser­vice, all the pow­er to you, I guess!

10 thoughts on “The Lucky 7 Anime Gimmicks. Learn them. Love them. Hate them.

  1. Hmm… I am a bor­der­line-loli ani­me blog­ger… but I am not noteworthy.

    As for reverse traps, there are quite a few, per­haps the most obvi­ous being Haru­ka from the Sailor Moon man­ga. Aki­ra from Mai-Hime is also a reverse trap.

  2. @A Day With­out Me: *pats loli on head* You’re note­wor­thy to me!

    Fun­ni­ly enough, and unfor­tu­nate­ly, I did­n’t have Sailor Moon or Mai-Hime in mind at the time of mak­ing this post. ;; And I was hot for Haru­ka too

  3. I lit­er­al­ly start­ing chok­ing when I saw female-Kamina.

    Fanser­vice should­n’t be con­sid­ered strict­ly sex­u­al, though. I mean, I like fanser­vice of cer­tain types, I guess.

    By the way, this: “Not to be con­fused with a lol­li (a sug­ary sub­stance used to suck on)…”? I mean, that’s just beg­ging for sex­u­al euphenisms and/or pok­ing fun at otaku.

  4. @Hel­lKo­rn: “Cater­ing to fans in a mul­ti­tude of good ways” can mean many things. For exam­ple, I con­sid­er the DBZ movies fanser­vice because they show fans what they’d LIKE to see, but can’t be shown in the show oth­er­wise. And so on.
    Although the more pop­u­lar def­i­n­i­tion for fanser­vice would be num­ber 3. But then again, I’m no dictionary!
    Hm, I thought I was pok­ing fun at loli­con otaku the first time I wrote that. 😉

  5. @A Day With­out Me: Dinosaurs are GAR. No ques­tions. And drunk blog­ging is GAR moé, which also makes it GAR.

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