Tsubasa ‑RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE‑, “I am your father” (spoilers thar)

Quick sum­ma­ry of what hap­pened in past chap­ters: Saku­ra (clone) dies and Syao­ran (clone) has a strange reac­tion to her death as seen in this pan­el. Syao­ran (real), Fay/Yuui, and Kurogane/Youou (or as the hor­ri­ble abom­i­na­tion of an ani­me hor­ri­bly goofed-up very ear­ly in the series, Hagane­maru) go back to Clow Coun­try, which is cur­rent­ly stuck in a time-loop where each day repeats itself.

Final­ly, after all this time trav­el­ing with the real Syao­ran, we final­ly get some insight about his back-sto­ry. CLAMP con­tin­ues to screw with our minds yet again with more of their famous plot twists in Tsub­asa. It seems our beloved char­ac­ters from Card­cap­tor Saku­ra (Saku­ra and Syao­ran) have a part to play in the sto­ry of Tsub­asa ‑RESER­Voir CHRoN­i­CLE- and ×××HOLiC… as the par­ents of the “real” Syao­ran of Tsubasa!

CCS Syao­ran fan­girls go “OMFG SYAORAN’S CHIN <333333 :DDD

Was I sur­prised about this? You bet your f**king mon­ey on it. It did­n’t make sense to me, at first… that is, how is it pos­si­ble that a man would pro­duce a child that has the exact same soul and name as him­self? Does that mean that (real) Syao­ran has a moth­er-com­plex because he’s in love with the Saku­ra of Tsub­asa? Of course, this feel­ing of con­fu­sion quick­ly dis­ap­peared when I found out that the Syao­ran in Tsub­asa is a COMPLETELY dif­fer­ent being as opposed to his father from CCS, whose name he mere­ly borrowed.

But then there’s still the prob­lem of Syao­ran hav­ing a moth­er-com­plex (l0lzer). CLAMP loves to por­tray their char­ac­ters in for­bid­den rela­tion­ships, but I don’t recall them ever going far enough into a screwed-up lev­el like this. Easy answer: The Saku­ra in Tsub­asa isn’t the same Saku­ra as Syao­ran’s moth­er. These chap­ters heav­i­ly imply that Saku­ra isn’t her real name… and a set rule in CLAM­P’s uni­verse pre­vents Saku­ra from get­ting togeth­er with any alter­nate-uni­verse coun­ter­part of her own son (no mat­ter what the uni­verse, you’ll always love the same per­son). This also means that every­body cur­rent­ly in the main group has lied about their true iden­ti­ties at one point or anoth­er (except for Mokona)…

Aside from my ini­tial impres­sions with this lit­tle twist, it’s easy to guess what my remain­ing thoughts on how CLAMP includ­ed our beloved CCS char­ac­ters into the sto­ry are just by tak­ing a deep look into my fan­boy-mind­set: しゃおさくは可愛いの二人ですよ!!! (゚ー゚)(。_。)ウンウン
Because CLAMP nev­er both­ered to give us a kiss between the two adorable char­ac­ters in CCS, it’s nice to know that Syao­ran and Saku­ra took their rela­tion­ship… three steps beyond that. 😀

We also find out that Watanu­ki from ×××HOLiC was born to fill in the void of exis­tence left behind by (real) Syao­ran due to him pay­ing for his wish with his “time”. This explains their mys­te­ri­ous con­nec­tion through­out the two series, some­what. There lies some­thing that pos­es a prob­lem with­in my heart, though… This makes Watanu­ki Saku­ra and Syao­ran’s son, since he was cre­at­ed to fill in the gap of rela­tion­ships left behind by Syao­ran dur­ing his life. If that’s the case, does­n’t that mean they’re dead? (Noooooooooooo~! >: There goes my fan­boy fan­ta­sy…) Of course, this is a GREAT expla­na­tion on how Watanu­ki had that “WTF IS THIS REALLY…?!”-look on his face when he saw Yuuko’s plas­tic mod­el of Saku­ra’s wand back in vol­ume one of ×××HOLiC. But DAMN, if they real­ly are dead, I’m going to cry. We all know that dead peo­ple can’t come back to life in the CLAMP uni­verse. But, this would explain the addi­tion of that ghost­ly CCS Saku­ra looka­like in the OVA

Now, the final con­fronta­tion between Fei Wong Reed and the pro­tag­o­nists are about to begin. I real­ly hope, by this time, (clone) Syao­ran is regain­ing his heart that he had before he turned insane (there’s no deny­ing he DIDN’T have a heart, peo­ple! At least, I refuse to believe he did­n’t…). I noticed some­thing weird with the clone’s facial expres­sions and the way he was act­ing dur­ing chap­ters 205 and 206, so I real­ly hope this is the case. While I wor­ry about that, all the FaiKuro fans are hav­ing a ball with the recent chapter…

Splash page for Chapitre 206 says “We want you back!!”

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