Hagaren 2 Trailer

Final­ly watched the trail­er for Full­met­al Alchemist 2. This puts the nail in the cof­fin that there is going to be an ani­me that’s faith­ful­ly based off the man­ga. Ed isn’t in his lit­tle get-up from the movie and Al’s soul is still bound to a suit of armor, not to men­tion that the announc­er said “Kyoudai no tabi na hajimeru!” (“The broth­ers’ jour­ney is about to begin!”). Also notice that they just sim­ply called it “Full­met­al Alchemist” instead of “FMA 2” or what­ev­er (lol’d at the announc­er’s attempt to pro­nounce Full­met­al Alchemist in English).

After read­ing all the dis­cus­sions regard­ing this new FMA trail­er, I’ve tru­ly con­clud­ed that with­in the ani­me fan­dom, the FMA man­ga is hor­ri­bly underrated.

lololol didn dey end it with teh movie 

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