Lex as in Lex Luthor? Wait, no it’s just that Asian kid.

xxsteven­lexx = Steven Lex

Lex = Lex Luthor

Ergo, I am Steven Luthor Lex. Some­thing like that. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, my name is Steven Le, so that kind of ruins the whole gag. Some a few none of you may remem­ber me, but I was a short­lived video game review­er here on The Weaboo Otaku Spot, until I was sav­age­ly euth­a­nized by Mikoto.

I am com­plete­ly aware of that oxy­moron, you Gram­mar Natzees out there. And before you guys spell check me on that…

I am such a space waster. Hope­ful­ly my future video game reviews won’t be though, and I’ll be sure to buy an eras­er, because cross­ing stoof stuff out does­n’t exact­ly look professional.

On a more seri­ous note, you should know some more things about me. I’ve known Miko­to for about 5 years now, and nev­er real­ly shared his fas­ci­na­tion with ani­me, man­ga, and every­thing Japan­ese. But, I love video games, and until recent­ly, Japan has pret­ty much dom­i­nat­ed the video game mar­ket with­out ques­tion, which is how I fit in here. And for you peo­ple that shun haters of ani­me, I don’t hate ani­me, I just don’t like things for being ani­me. I watch it if it’s good, and what Miko­to sug­gests to me, I gen­er­al­ly like, such as FULLO METAL ALCHEEEEEMIIIISTOOO. (Check out the end of the Full Met­al Alchemist 2 trail­er. Miko­to and I cracked up when we final­ly under­stood what the hell he was try­ing to say.)

Ah, I’m just bull­shit­ting you guys, I’m just a cheap foil char­ac­ter to Miko­to. I feel like a bad ani­me. Woo hoo.

Miko­to: Anoth­er upside to hav­ing Lex as a writer here is that he’s a shou­ta! A frail, small, timid and cute shou­ta! Dammit, now I actu­al­ly have some­one to boss around and take advan­tage of.

Sta­tus Update : If you’re won­der­ing why I haven’t post­ed crap yet, there’s 2 good rea­sons. One, Lost Odyssey is 4 disks long, and my 360 has RROD. I would review some old PS2 games, but that’s a frickin’ cop out. My sec­ond rea­son is that if we lim­it things to 1 post a day, then it looks like we’re updat­ing more often. Yay.

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